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Ellen Lee DeGeneres was born in Metairie, Louisiana on January 26, 1958. TV host, comedian, writer, producer, and actress, as of 2015 Ellen DeGeneres net worth is $200 million according to Forbes magazine. This should come as no surprise when you think that the American comedian makes roughly $65 million per year.

Dubbed the Queen of Daytime, DeGeneres’ ambitions don’t stop at making millions of people tune in every day. Instead, Ellen has been branching out and giving producing a shot. With five shows on the air and another one to be released by Netflix, Ellen DeGeneres net worth is bound to increase in the upcoming years.

DeGeneres is no stranger to the internet either. She was quick on her toes to recognize the value and power of Youtube several years back. As a result, she now has her own platform entirely devoted to videos called “ellentube”. Her recent deal with Vessel has allowed her viewers to watch clips from her TV show.

The Ellen brand seems to be unstoppable, which only makes Ellen DeGeneres net worth sky rocket. After she created an iPhone app based on a game she played on her TV show with her guests, Heads Up! is now about to become a TV show on its own. Additionally, DeGeneres is also releasing a women’s clothing line as well as an interior design book.

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth is $200 million

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth: $200 million

Ellen DeGeneres and Julia Louis Dreyfus have something else in common than just being comedy actresses. The two have the same $200 million net worth owed to television and film. But only DeGeneres continues being in the public eye by acting, producing, hosting and writing books. The proof that she’s not doing a poor job is that she purchased a $39.8 million house that was built in 1947 and comprises six bedroom and nine bathrooms.

DeGeneres was able to make the big purchase after she sold a ranch for almost $11 million, a Beverly penthouse for $844,000, and an LA house for $21 million. The new mansion is known as the Brody House, it has over 13,500 square feet and it includes a swimming pool, a gym, a SPA, rolling greens and a tennis court.

Ellen DeGeneres Bio and Career Development

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth is continuously increasing

Daughter of a speech therapist and an insurance agent, Ellen DeGeneres has a brother who is a producer and a musician. When she was 14, her parents got a divorce and her mother quickly remarried a salesman. Ellen moved with her mother and stepfather in Atlanta while Vance remained with their father.

After graduating from high school in Atlanta, DeGeneres majored in communication studies. She went on to take different jobs including clerical work for a law firm, a waitress at T. G. I. Friday’s, a saleswoman at Merry-Go-Round and J. C. Penney, a hostess, a bartender and a house painter.

DeGeneres cited Steve Marti and Woody Allen as her inspiration at the time when she was an emcee in New Orleans at Clyde’s Comedy club. It was at the beginning of the ‘80s when Ellen DeGeneres started her national tours. In 1982, Showtime named her the Funniest Person in America.

DeGeneres received her first TV role in “Open House”, a Fox sitcom that didn’t last long. In 1992, Ellen received another short-lived role in “Laurie Hill”. Despite the fact that the show only lasted for four episodes, the producers were impressed by DeGeneres and decided to cast her in another pilot, “Friends of mine”.

The short comedy roles she was cast in helped her lay the foundation of “Ellen”, the popular ABC sitcom. This was sometimes called “female Seinfeld”, owing its nickname to the observational humor that characterizes DeGeneres so well.

The show was most popular in 1997 when the actress went on Oprah’s TV show and came out as a lesbian. This real life event was mirrored in “Ellen” when the character confides in her therapist (played by Winfrey) that she is a lesbian. The episode hit the jackpot and was the highest rated in the entire series. However, the fifth season of “Ellen” failed to further engage the audiences, mainly due to marketing cutbacks.

This prompted DeGeneres to return to the world of stand-up comedy in 1998 and become a talk show host. In 2001, she started a new sitcom with CBS, followed by her own daytime TV talk show two years later, in 2003. The Ellen DeGeneres show received great critical reviews and won four Daytime Emmy Awards for its first season.

Ellen’s show is widely known for its generosity. Her audience often receives prizes and trips from her sponsors. In addition, DeGeneres sings and dances with her studio audience at the start of each show and on commercial breaks.

Ellen DeGeneres personal life

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth makes her one of the richest women

Entitled the 50th most powerful woman by Forbes in 2015, DeGeneres has had a controverted life. Her coming out in 1997 on Oprah’s show immediately brought her into the eye of the tabloids and is said to have stunted her professional career.

In 1997, Ellen started a relationship with Anne Heche that lasted three years. This was followed by another three years relationship from 2001 to 2004 with actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison. DeGeneres started dating Portia de Rossi in 2004. The couple immediately took advantage of the ban overturn on same-sex marriage in 2008 and got married in Beverly Hills.

The newlyweds moved into their home in California where they now live with their three cats and four dogs. DeGeneres is a self-proclaimed animal lover. Her and Portia are both vegan and actively promote the lifestyle. Ellen introduced a special section in the Ellen DeGeneres show entitled “Going Vegan” where she encourages going a day without meat every week and recommends vegan recipes.

Ellen DeGeneres net worth might be $200 million, but that doesn’t mean she forgot about humanitarian actions. She was named the Special Envoy by Hillary Clinton for AIDS Global Awareness in 2011. She is constantly involved in raising funds for patients suffering from stress-related disorders or chronic stress. She was also a campaign ambassador for “Adopt a turkey” started by Farm Sanctuary in 2010. The aim of the project was to encourage people to adopt a turkey instead of eating one for Thanksgiving.

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