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Are you a Justin Bieber fan? Or, perhaps you’re just curious about how much the Justin Bieber net worth currently is and how he earned it throughout his career? Prepare yourself, we are going to talk about large numbers.

Justin Bieber Net Worth: $ 200 million

With annual takings reaching $60 – 80 million, Canadian-born singer, songwriter, actor and producer, Justin Bieber net worth currently equates to an estimated $200 million.

Becoming richer and richer despite all the embarrassing incidents he passed through last year, Bieber has one of the highest social-media networking profiles among the wealthiest showbiz celebrities. Aside from his massive influence and fame, his bank accounts house tones of money.

In 2014 he added $80 million to his earnings. As you can see, the press attacking his image following his string of embarrassments had little influence on what music people listen to and pay for.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Short Bio and Career Development

Born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, Canada, Justin Bieber started making music from an early age. In 2007 he performed covers of various R&B songs and his mother, Patricia “Pattie” Mallette, posted videos of his performance on YouTube.

He was soon discovered by his current manager Scooter Braun through his YouTube videos. After being signed initially to Raymond Braun Media Group and subsequently being offered a recording contract by L.A. Reid, Bieber released his first EP in 2009 My World.

In March 2010, his first studio album, My World 2.0., was released as well, making Bieber earn a platinum record in the US. His second studio album, Under the Mistletoe, was released in November 2011, and this is how Bieber reached the peak position on Billboard 200 Chart. Same happened in June 2012 with his third album, Believe, which achieved the highest ranking on Billboard.  As of 2012 Bieber was one of the most popular singers across all genres, a ranking made according to album sales. In 2012 music brought him $40 million.

He acknowledges Michael Jackson, Usher, Ne-Yo, Justin Timberlake and Tupac among the most important influences in his career.

Over Time Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $500,000 in February 2010, Bieber reached $5 million by the end of that year. It appears that the smashing hit “Baby” brought him $4.5 million. Between 2012 and 2012 his earning grew tremendously. At the beginning of 2012 his net worth was estimated to $40 million. From this moment on, he started adding $50 – 80 million to his estate annually. His last world tour brought him no less than $80 million in 2014.

Wealth and Popularity – Did Bad Reputation Affect His Earnings?

Wealth and popularity do not seem conditional to each other in Bieber’s case.  As many successful artists in the music industry, Bieber was involved in a series of scandals over time. Along with all the legal issues implied, his disgraceful attitude led Bieber to be labelled the ‘2014’s most annoying celebrity’ by a Canadian tabloid.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

How Much is Justin Bieber Worth?

Just to give you a brief update, he was accused of reckless driving in 2012 and charged with vandalism in Brazil in 2013. In 2014 was arrested for a few times, first for drunk driving and driving with an over six months expired license, second for vandalism, and third, he was arrested and charged with assault and dangerous driving.

Bieber’s misconduct cost him almost $100,000. After his second arrest he also completed twelve weeks of anger management and five days of community service. He even moved his residence after this incident, leaving now in Beverly Hills, California.

What is the impact of all these on his popularity? Even if his trademark ‘baby boy’ image was seriously affected, fans seem to still love and buy ‘bad boy Bieber’’s albums. He has over 70 million likes on Facebook, more 40 million followers on Twitter and hundreds of millions views on YouTube.

His popularity though, decreased. Considered by Forbes the world’s ninth most powerful celebrity in 2013, after ranking third in 2011 and 2012, according to the same top 100, Justin Bieber occupies #33 in 2014, preceded by the American television host and producer Ryan Seacrest and outbalancing the professional basketball player Kevin Durant.

Where Do All the Money Come From?

Bieber’s wealth is based on music sales and touring, but money also comes from merchandise and other business projects. For instance, aside his career in music, Bieber is a technology investor. Since 2009 he invested millions of dollars in small technology start ups.

However, music is the source of millions of dollars profit every year. Justin sold more than 11 million albums in the US and more than 25 million albums worldwide.

My World sold 698,000 copies in the first three weeks of its release, and Baby, the single featuring Ludacris, is Bieber’s all time best selling single with more than 15 million sales all over the world. Under the Mistletoe sold 2 million copies, while Believe sold 3 million.

Justin Bieber The Philanthropist is Worthy of Praise!

What comes around goes around, as people say. The Biebers can be proud: Justin appears to give back to the community. He is the supporter of a charity founded by Adam Braun, called Pencils of Promise, an organization which builds schools in developing countries. Beiber is a spokesman for the charity, runs adds and manages a campaign in Guatemala.

Justin Bieber is wealthy of praise as he also encourages people to donate or volunteer in charity campaigns. He himself adopted a Continental Toy Spaniel from a shelter.

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