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Access2knowledge.org was created in 2006 with one (dare we say modestly?) mission in mind – to provide readers with a comprehensive database of well-researched answers to all of life’s questions (OK, not so modest!).

While we’re still a long ways away from reaching our stated mission (to say the least!), we do answer questions ranging from the mundane to the totally random, from practical life knowledge to useless trivia. If our team of tireless researchers and writers don’t have the answer, we’ll bring in an expert to craft a well-researched response. Our writers’ general expertise and skills cover a wide range of fields and specialties, from politics and social sciences to fusion cuisine and arts.

At Access2Knowledge.org we do our best to provide expert answers to your most pressing questions.

Our Mission

We aim to answer all of your knotty questions in an educated and researched fashion.

Our goal is also to create inspirational content along with providing useful information and direction.

What You Can Find on Our Website

  • Information on Jobs and Educational Matters
  • Entertainment News and Curiosities
  • Articles on Health Topics and Spare Time Activities
  • Answers to Scientific, Political and Historical Dilemmas
  • Business and Networking Tips
  • Posts on Bizarre, Fascinating or Controversial Subjects

Do you have a burning question? Just search our extensive database and you will be amazed by the diversity of materials covered.

Managing Team

Access2Knowledge.org  is managed by a team from Today’s Growth Consultant.  The team’s job is to write content, design, and market for our website.  TGC, as the company is sometimes called, works with over 400 sites and site partners and still devotes high-quality content to our website.  We also love working with a business that helps and serves others.  Check out all of their philanthropic endeavors here.  You can also check out their website to learn more about what they do.  We also encourage you to connect with TGC at the Today’s Growth Consultant Facebook page.

Here is our panel of regular contributors:

A2K authors

Georgette Movile / Editor : With a background in Theatre and Literary Studies, once dreaming to be part of the ‘academia’, she now has a keen interest in cultural journalism and develops a great passion for arts management.

Gabrielle Moreno / Author: Gabrielle enjoys writing about education and career topics. She says this is her second best skill after teaching. She starts her mornings cup in hand and newspaper in the other.

Erika Schwartz / Author: Erika is the most optimistic and artistic member of our team. Despite her poetic nature, she has experienced over 15 jobs until now and has a vast knowledge about careers and salaries.

Jackie Cuban / Contributor: Jackie is an incredibly versed individual. She is a mother of two, enthusiastic blogger and psychology graduate. Her incredible insights have helped us answer some of life’s most pressing questions.

Rob Davis / Contributor: Rob has always enjoyed writing, so much so that he contributed to one of his friend’s magazines during his high-school years. Now he writes for Access2Knowledge, and we are euphoric to have him on the team!