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An age old question: can dogs eat bananas? We’re here to give you a definitive answer to this!

To begin with, you should know that yes, dogs can eat bananas. How much and for what dogs, however, really depends on each type of dog. Generally speaking, giving one dog a banana won’t do much harm. Go over that amount and you may start to have a bit of a problem on your hands. Technically speaking, a dog is not used to eating bananas. If you’re lucky, though, he might grow to like bananas and will just love it when you give it some as a treat.

However, remember that bananas are supposed to be a dietary supplement and nothing more. Don’t go about trying to replace the protein that a dog gets from meat with bananas. If you do so, your dog will probably start to hate you or just become very, very depressed.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas in Large Amounts?

As long as you actually give your dog some protein besides all that fruit, there should be no limit to the bananas you give it. Also, you have to take account of the dog’s size. Before we go into that, let’s look at this small infographic about dogs, banana, and how can dogs eat bananas:

"can dogs eat bananas infographic can dogs eat banana chips can dogs eat banana peels can my dog eat bananas infographic"

It’s really important to keep in mind that the smaller your dog is and the smaller its dietary needs, the fewer bananas you can actually give it. Here’s how you can pair your dog’s size to the number of bananas:

  • For a small dog. Small dogs are notorious eating too much and then throwing up. It’s the same thing with bananas. Therefore, for a small size dog, a few slices of banana per week should suffice. If you want to pamper the dog, repeat this once or twice, but be sure to not overdo it.
  • For a medium dog. Medium sized dogs are your favorite pal. Owners of medium-sized dogs may be tempted to give their dog anything and everything that they eat. However, when it comes to bananas, one or two per week should be more than enough. If you want to make your dog happy several times, give it half a banana every two days.
  • For a large dog. Any reasonable amount of Just be sure to follow the advice above and not give the dog too many bananas or he may go literally bananas (sorry for the bad pun!).

TIP: dogs that eat too many bananas will end up constipated. Be mindful of this when you feed it bananas.

"can dogs eat bananas dog with bananas can dogs eat banana can dog eat banana can dogs eat banana chips"

Can Dogs Eat Banana Chips?

Another pestering question: can dogs eat banana chips? Probably. I guess it comes down to taste. After all, dried banana chips are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea (or accessory to one). Technically speaking, a dog can definitely eat banana chips. Still, too many are too many. The downside of this, surprisingly, is not constipation (as was the case with too many bananas), but the exact opposite: diarrhea. Surely, neither you nor your dog want that.

We hope we’ve clarified all of your dog-banana related questions. For any more questions about this, don’t be afraid to contact us right here in the comments section. Can dogs eat bananas? I think we proved that they can!

Image source: depositphotos.com.

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