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All responsible dog owners must ask themselves several questions a day related to their pets’ health and well-being. One of the most popular questions asked by people all around the world is: can dogs eat grapes? This question that continues to baffle dog owners has a very straightforward answer: dogs can’t eat grapes or raisins, as a matter of fact.

The fruits seem innocent to us and some find it hard to grasp why their dog must not eat grapes or raisins. However, the explanation is simple. Grapes have no harmful effect on humans, but they can be toxic for dogs. Despite the fact that scientists are still struggling to pinpoint the exact toxin within grapes that can make dogs sick, they are certain that both grapes and raisins have the potential to trigger an unpleasant reaction for dogs.

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Since a cloud of mystery floats around the question how many grapes can a dog eat, the best way to approach the issue is to be extra careful. There are no indications that grape poisoning is in any way influenced by the breed, gender or the age of the dog. Taking all these into consideration, the best way to keep your dog safe is to avoid feeding him or her grapes or raisin.

In some cases, ingesting grapes or raisins have led to fatal consequences for the dog. The reason behind their death was kidney failure, which was a result of the grape compounds that act as toxins when they are consumed by dogs.

What Are the Symptoms and Signs of Grape Toxicity?

Now that we have answered the question can dogs eat grapes, we should also take a look at the symptoms and signs a dog may exhibit after ingesting either grapes or raisins. Even if the owner does not directly feed the dog these dangerous fruits, accidents happen. An unsupervised dog can always take advantage of the moment and nibble on grapes. Here are the clues that could point to a toxic ingestion:

  1. Your dog has lost his/her appetite and refuses to eat its favorite food.
  2. The pet is unusually still, refuses to play, go out of the house and is lethargic.
  3. The dog has diarrhea or starts vomiting. This will usually occur within a couple or a few hours after the dog has eaten grapes or raisins.
  4. The dog’s abdomen is tender when you touch it, which indicate abdominal pain.
  5. The dog present dehydration signs which often include a dry nose, heavy panting, and very pale gums. The easiest way to test is your dog is suffering from dehydration is to softly pull the skin on the dog’s nape of the neck, which should spring back on the spot.

It is strongly recommended to immediately take your pet to the veterinarian when you notice a couple or more of the symptoms mentioned above. By knowing the answer to the question can dogs eat grapes, dog owners can take measure to keep their pets safe and can act safely in case of an accident.

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