Home Animals Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

why do dogs eat poopHave you ever walk out the door and seen the horrifying sight of your dog eating poop, even his own poop? While it is not a healthy thing for dogs to do, some dogs will just eat poop. Researchers have tried for years to figure out if there are any conclusive reasons for this curious act. To date, no evidence has been found to explain the reasons they do this. So, why do dogs eat poop? Most of the answers you find here will be opinion or conjecture with no scientific evidence.

Medical Reasons
The most serious explanation for this rather unnatural act might have something to do with the dog’s health. From time to time, dogs can have issues with worms or parasites invading their digestive system. It can create a multitude of problems such as bleeding and digestive issues. Dogs will eat poop as a means of replenishing things taken from their system by the invaders. If your dog shows a sudden interest in eating poop, it would be advisable to contact a veterinarian about a possible examination.

Nutritional Value
Dogs have a very natural instinct for survival. If a dog senses they are not getting all the nutrients they need from their day to day diet, they may resort to taking matters into their own hands by eating whatever might be available. If it happens to be poo poo, so be it. Still other dogs might eat their poop as an indication of getting too much of the wrong kinds of food. They are basically trying to keep themselves healthy the only way they know how.

Behavioral Issues
Dogs are interesting creatures with a wide array of interesting behaviors. Eating poop could be a sign of several different emotional or behavioral issues. Some dogs can be very susceptible to stress. They can’t really communicate this to their owners, so they resort to doing strange things like eating poop. They can also be a bit sensitive if they don’t feel they are getting enough attention from their owner. Somehow, they figured out that eating poop is a great way to get attention. Finally, some dogs are very instinctive about cleaning up their areas. Early canines probably did this to stay hidden from possible predators. While dogs are mostly domesticated now, they still display some of the old behaviors handed down from generation to generation.

Practical Reasons
If you have eliminated all the above possibilities as a reasonable explanation as to why dogs eat poop, it might be time to consider some of the more practical reasons. Some dogs simply like the taste of poop. While the smell of poop is often offensive to the human nose, dogs find in interesting and curious. That is the reason why your dog needs to stop at every turd and check out the competition. If it doesn’t smell bad, they have all the more reason to eat it. Some dogs see other dogs eating poop and play follow the leader. Even though they are intelligent animals, they are prone to making mistakes. Since poop can sometimes look like food right out of the can, some dogs mistake the poo poos for their favorite canned variety dog food. Finally, some dogs just get bored and look for silly ways to entertain themselves. Playing with and eventually eating poop might just be the highlight of their day.

If your dogs displays a tendency to munch on the brown stuff, there are several counter measures you can try. You can always make sure your dog is eating a well-balanced diet removing the need for poop supplements. There are also over-the-counter products which can be added to food that will make the end result a bit less appetizing to your pet. When all else fails, you should make sure to give your dog anti-worm medications to combat any unwanted parasites found in the poop. Some dogs are gonna do what they want to do. As a loving owner who can’t babysit 24/7, you can take these steps to keep your dog safe from his unsavory snacks.