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In most circles, digital signage has been considered a way to aid marketing and outreach efforts, giving companies the ability to create and display custom digital advertisements anywhere a screen can be mounted.

However, in recent years digital signage has begun replacing bulletin boards and projector screens in the offices and conference rooms of corporations around the world. In fact, studies have shown that more than half of all companies are now using digital signage as an extra means of internal communication.

If you are still part of the 50% that has not, and you’ve just recently started trying to incorporate digital signage into your company’s internal communications strategy, consider the following three ways you can quickly and easily start doing so:

1. Facilitating Collaborative Efforts

Management can easily convey key points about a specific project, assignment, or employee task, posting tips and guidance to digital signage screens the same way one would write, pin, or project such information onto conventional whiteboards, bulletin boards, and presentation systems.

Digital signage can be set to show a static page, an interactive menu, media content, or anything else that can be pulled up on a typical computer. Of course, all of this interaction can take place without the management ever having to be in the same room with the employees.

2. Keeping Employees Informed and Accountable

Digital signage displays can be programmed to work with existing third-party employee evaluation and reporting software to import and display job-specific data such as sales/performance metrics, loss prevention stats, and even employee schedules.

Studies have shown that employees are more likely to strive for productivity and avoid slacking on the job when they see that they’re clearly being held accountable via a continually visible system of reports and analysis. After all, nobody wants to be the last person on the digital leaderboard that shows the number of sales or other tasks/goals completed during the month.

Using digital signage to give employees real-time feedback on their performance is a great way to provide motivation and prevent employees from taking advantage due to a lack of apparent supervision.

3. Using Video as Training Material

Companies can also set up digital signage displays to broadcast detailed guides and other training material that could be useful for processes associated with employee orientation.

Videonations has noted that more than 70% of companies are currently working on incorporating video into their digital signage strategy, and for good reason – it cuts down on the payroll costs needed to train employees with other employees, and it drastically increases the performance and efficiency of new employees in a shorter time than it would take to acquaint them with the job through the guidance of a fellow co-worker.

Furthermore, an entertaining and engaging video series can help employees to develop a more in-depth understanding of company operations, while also helping them to build a stronger sense of brand commitment early on.


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