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amanda bynesAmanda Bynes rose to fame on TV at the age of 7. She then moved on movies and became even more famous. For the last two years, she has become infamous for her strange behavior and legal problems. How much is Amanda Bynes is worth now? This depends on who you talk to. According to some reports, Amanda Bynes’ net worth is 4 million US dollars. According to her parents, Amanda Bynes’ net worth is zero.

Her rise to financial success began by starring in a commercial for Buncha Crunch candies at the age of seven. She then appeared in theatrical productions like Annie and Te he Secret Garden. Her stage appearances and commercial led her to be on Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy shows called Figure it Out and Take That. Kenan Thompson, who is currently on Saturday Night Live, also starred on Take That. After doing Take That for three seasons, she got her own sketch comedy show called The Amanda Show and it ran from 1999 to 2002

After doing this TV shows, she started doing movies and truly became financially prominent. She has been in the movies Big Fat Liar, What a Girl Want, Love Wrecked, She’s The Man, Hairspray, Sydney White and Easy A. By 2006m 06m she was considered to be one of the hottest young stars out there. After making the movie Easy A and failing to start a fashion line, she decided to retire.

Financial Difficulties

Her financial and legal problems began after her retirement. In 2012, she got a DUI and got her license suspended due to the DUI and other driving violations she did in the same year. She then got arrested for possession of marijuana in New York City. She started a fire a in front of a house that was not your house in California. After all these legal problems, her parents applied to take legal control of her financial and personal affairs in late 2013.

What is Amanda Bynes’ net worth currently? What is known is that in 2007, according to Forbes, she made 2.5 million US dollars and had a net worth of 8 million US dollar. Sine then, Amanda Bynes’ net worth has gone down to 4 million US dollars. Last year, Forbes said her net worth was still 4 million US dollars.

According to her parents, Amanda Bynes’ net worth is not even close to 4 million US dollars. She has not been in a movie since 2012 and her attempts to start a fashion line have continually failed. She keeps on getting into trouble with the law and she does strange things like light her pants on fire. She allegedly blew through 1.2 million dollars of her savings. Her parents say that if not for their interference, she would be living on the streets so Amanda Bynes’ net worth would then would have to be zero.