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In the business world, there is a lot that requires solemn reflection, professional attitudes and rather monotonous engagement. These elements are simply part of business life and cannot be avoided. When it comes to meeting new people and learning about new concepts, however, this does not always have to be the case. When planning a business networking event, you often have to go out of your way to make things more fun and engaging, or else the event will flop. Thankfully, putting together an enjoyable experience for all is not difficult. We’ll talk below about how you can plan a fun business networking event that will accomplish what you wish it to and will leave everyone talking about your planning skills.

Incorporate Drinks

Business life can be stressful. At the end of the day, the last thing somebody is going to want to do is sit through another long lecture or formal introductions. One way to break the ice and reduce tension across the board is to host a business networking event with drinks and cocktails. Not only will this pique the interests of those invited, but it will also help loosen the attitudes and personas of those there. This helps everyone to get to know one another on a better level and makes communication more fluid – though only up to a certain point. Some good ideas include a restaurant or salon venue setting, or even a wine tasting and charm mixer.

Bring Some Games

Engaging people is best done when they are having fun. If somebody isn’t in a good mood or is otherwise bored, their communication skills and desire to discuss matters of importance will likewise be dull. Because of this, bringing in a variety of game-related concepts or fun activities can make a difference. Carnival game rental companies like Fun Crew USA will rent various games and carnival attractions for events and businesses wishing to engage more with their audiences. This can be a great way to get more people to your networking event – by piquing their interests and giving them less of a reason not to come by allowing their families to join, too – and will surely be the talk of the town among your colleagues.

Make It a Game Itself

Networking can feel like such a tedious chore. Rather than trying to mask what it truly is, turn the process into an interesting game in and of itself! Speed networking is one way in which to do this. By giving each person three minutes to chat with each other on a variety of issues, you’ll take away the edge of weariness about getting roped into a conversation with someone who is prone to talk forever or who might not be all that interesting. This also ensures that maximum communication occurs during the event. Once this is done, you’ll have more time to engage in other fun activities and keep the networking event going strong.

By bringing drinks into the mix, creating an environment in which fun is at the forefront and simplifying the way in which networking occurs between people, you can plan a truly fun business networking event that people will remember for years to come!


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