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jay-lenoJay Leno is a famous comedian, actor and talk show host who is said to be worth around $350 million.

Over the years, Leno has taken on different roles in the entertainment industry. However, he is most famous for being the host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” from 1992 to 2009. He is known for having one of the longest and most financially successful reigns on “The Tonight Show”.

Leno began his association with NBC in 1987, when he became a substitute host on the Tonight Show for Johnny Carson. Within five years, he replaced Carson and got the show all to himself. Before being a talk show comedian, Leno played a few roles in television and film, but none of them were prominent enough to gain him any stardom or huge financial success.

There was controversy surrounding Jay Leno when he first stepped down from his Tonight Show post in 2010. The comedian was said to be unhappy at that decision, and made his feelings fairly public. This posturing from Leno meant that his successor, Conan O’Brien, struggled to make a successful transition to the top step of late night comedy.

Eventually, O’Brien went back to his original show, and Leno was brought back as the Tonight Show host for an additional two and a half years. At the end of 2013, Leno stepped down gracefully and let Jimmy Fallon take his place.

Jay Leno Net Worth

When Jay Leno’s net worth is considered, it is important to take into account all of his earnings, sponsorship deals, and investments. His net worth is estimated at $350 million, and that is probably as high as it is going to go.

Leno is no longer the host of NBC’s Tonight Show, and is not going to be on any TV show in the foreseeable future. However, Leno does not have to worry about running out of money any time soon. Despite retiring from his late night duties, Leno is set to continue his schedule of country wide stand up comedy.

While the amount of dates he completes is sure to decrease over time, this represents a great chance for Leno to remain relevant in the comedy scene, and to earn significant money every year. Stand up comedy represents millions of dollars to Leno each year, with venues around the United States knowing that his presence attracts sell out crowds.

Jay Leno Spending

  • Beverly Hills Home bought in 1987
  • Collection of expensive cars, including a Mercedes, McLaren, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Ferrari and Lamborghini.
  • Various donations to charitable organizations, such as the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Foundation, Starkey Hearing Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Leno is said to donate millions of dollars every year to charity.

Jay Leno Earnings:

  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Salary $15 million
  • $15 to $20 million salary due to a packed stand up comedy touring schedule
  • His highest salary was $25 million in 2011 for Tonight Show. He started with $1 million per year in 1992 from the Tonight Show.