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Something about incredibly rich people never fails to fascinate us, which is why details about what exactly they own and how much they spend and on what are always in demand. Nevertheless, this type of inquiry doesn’t have as much to do with sheer curiosity or the lowest grade of celebrity gossip, but it is also a vital ingredient to maintaining transparency, the key to any functional democracy. The general public must always be aware of how riches are divided amongst the very rich, just as it must be aware of what our tax money is spend on, even though that’s a different matter. Among the very rich, the ladies don’t yet hold as much space as the men, but there are still plenty of super-rich women in the world, such as Oprah, whom we recently covered. But how about famous singers: how much is Madonna net worth? Have you wondered how much is this iconic singer worth and why isn’t she on the Forbes list of the richest?



To put it simply, Madonna simply isn’t that rich to be granted entry on the Forbes list. Madonna’s net worth was estimated at $500 million in June 2013, putting her on the Forbes 400 list, but nowhere near the top 100 richest people in the world. After June 2013, Madonna reached a net worth of $ 1 billion, grating her first-time billionaire status. Considering that the main source of the singer’s wealth is her music and concerts, it’s understandable why she didn’t make that much more with it, though $1 billion are not a trivial sum, of course. Much of how much is Madonna net worth was actually made between June 2012 and June 2013, during her MDNA tour, which earned her a staggering $125 million.

Born on August the 16th 1958 in Bay City (Michigan), Madonna Louise Ciccone moved to New York in her 20s to pursue a dancing career, and ended up making it big on the music scene instead. Her most notorious hit, that brought her into the spotlights of international attention, was “Like a Virgin” (1985), but her stable success was established earlier, in 1982, when she managed to sign with Sire Records (part of Warner Bros. Records) for her debut album (titled simply “Madonna”). After this, her career took wings and, unlike in most cases of pop sensations, her career continued to soar even as decades passed. If Madonna is known for a defining trait, then that trait is definitely her versatility and the amazing capacity of reinventing herself.

Madonna Net Worth

Madonna Spending

  • Besides personal spending on homes or lavish lifestyle choices, Madonna is known for contributing her earnings to charity to support causes she believes in. In 2014, after visiting her hometown in Detroit and witnessing the poor state the city is currently in, she announced she is planning to invest into three charities to help out the city. The exact sum which will be delivered hasn’t been made public yet, but we’re all glad to see the Madonna net worth put to good use.
  • Madonna’s Manhattan “apartment” is actually a four-story Georgian-style townhouse which the singer reportedly bought for $40 million. It is one of the widest and most glamorous houses on the Upper East Side, and it’s only one of the properties which Madonna owned and bought over the years.
  • Another Georgian-style property is her Ashcombe house, used as a retreat by the singer and her family. Madonna bought this house in 2001 for the sum of $15 million, drawn to the unique British charm of this mid-eighteen century house which was originally part of a much bigger structure (it’s actually only the eastern wing of the original building). The house was bought in 2001, when the total Madonna net worth was much lower than it is today, so her properties and spending just kept going upwards.

Madonna Earnings

  • Her top-earning event was the MDNA tour in 2012, which earned her a gross value of $305.2 million from 88 sold-out shows. The net earnings received from this tour were then estimated at $125 million, making it the highest-grossing tour of 2012 and the tenth-earning tour of all time.
  • The MDNA album released the same year was sold in 1.8 million copies, earning her a net amount of $3.5 million.
  • Throughout her career, Madonna has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide.
  • Besides the royalties earned from her music, which make up the bulk of her income, Madonna also boosts her fortune by the few clothing and perfume lines which she put her name to. As for investing into business, so far Madonna has invested a bit in art, in real estate and in the beverage company Vita Coco, and these moves are certainly contributing to increasing her financial status as well.

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