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tiHow much is TI worth? This is probably the first question that surfaces in the minds of many people when this legendary entertainer is discussed on the television news and in major print news sources. The TI net worth is close to $55 million dollars. He is well-known for his music career, record label, and endorsements. He has also appeared in several films such as ATL, American Gangster, and Takers.


TI embarked upon his hip-hop career as a member of The Pimp Squad in Atlanta, Georgia. He later branched off with hopes of becoming an exceptional solo artist. He proceeded to establish a successful record label in 2003. TI is the founder and co-chief executive officer of Grand Hustle Records. Grand Hustle Records is an independent label that gives many aspiring street artists an opportunity to gain entry into the mainstream hip-hop arena.

TI has been able to endure the hard challenges of being a successful recording artist. He has released eight studio albums over the years. Seven of these albums have been very successful. Two of these albums are multi-platinum. Several of his singles have also made a dent on the charts. TI punctuated his musical career by winning three Grammy Awards.

TI is not shy when it comes to enjoying his earnings. Let’s take a close look at some of the things this Atlanta based hip-hop superstar has purchased over the years.


Multi-million Dollar Mansion

TI presently lives with his family in a multi-million dollar mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. The mansion sits within an exclusive area of Atlanta.

Car Fleet

He has a fleet of luxury cars, but he prefers to drive his beloved Dodge Charger. He allows his wife to drive the car of her choice.


Successful hip-hop artists have a reputation for wearing custom-made jewelry. TI is no exception to the rule. He is often seen wearing expensive jewelry at his concerts and nightclubs. It is rumored that his jewelry collection is worth close to four million dollars.

TI is a man of many exclusive talents. He has been able to expand and establish his brand. This is the primary reason why he has remained relevant over the years.

TI Net Worth & Earnings

Recordings and Tours

TI has been able to earn roughly $110,000 per concert. His album sales have also been also helped him see annual six-figure earnings. In 2016, he joined TIDAL, a subscription-based streaming service, as an artist owner.

Reality Show

TI and Tiny: The Family Hustle generates $10,000 each episode, a great amount for the TI net worth values.


He is a successful entrepreneur in many different business venues. TI owns a popular nightclub in Atlanta. This hot spot attracts people from all different walks of life. In 2016, he also opened a strip club called V Live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Endorsement Deals

TI also has been able to secure several major endorsement deals. These endorsement deals have provided him with strong residual income for a long period of time.

Acting Career

TI’s acting career has also enabled him to add a few million dollars to his annual salary. TI is able to hold his own when it comes to being on the big screen. This is one of the main reasons why he is admired by many Hollywood producers and directors.


TI has also written several successful books that show insight into his life and the entertainment industry.