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Of course we all have our favorite TV shows but there is always room to view a few new series that all the networks like to premiere with each new season. There was a time when fall and spring series premieres were the ones to anticipate, but in recent years the networks have been featuring better shows in the summer. Could this be because fewer people have money to be away on vacation due to the economy? It isn’t quite clear why they have ramped up their summer offerings, but they have and here are five TV shows you have to watch this summer.

Ballers – HBO

Ballers will almost certainly be a huge hit with football fans around the nation as it is based on a fictional character, Spencer Strasmore who is a former football legend. Strasmore, played by wrestling superstar and Canadian actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, is a show about a retired football superstar who goes on to mentor players currently or formerly playing the game. Joining him in the cast of characters is the son of Denzel Washington, John David Washington, and with Mark Wahlberg as one of the executive producers, this is sure to be a show you won’t want to miss. However, you won’t be able to view Ballers on network TV so you’ll need to tune in via networks like DISH to watch series on channels such as HBO.

Aquarius – NBC

One of two of the most anticipated summer offerings on NBC, Aquarius promises to be an action packed detective thriller. As a retired WWII Vet, the now detective in homicide returns home to the US, he barely recognizes his homeland. With a stellar cast you’ll soon recognize, this is a detective series that promises to be a huge success.

The Island – NBC

Based on a popular UK hit, the Island is a TV reality show with a new slant. There are no prizes, no winners but the participants are asked to survive on an island with absolutely no amenities – just them against the wild. There are no cameramen either as the men do the filming themselves. For a different perspective on reality TV, you cannot miss the hour-long TV show, The Island.

The Briefcase – CBS

Reality TV isn’t going anywhere fast and The Briefcase is yet another twist on real people in real-life situations. Families that have come upon hard times financially are presented with a briefcase in which there is a great deal of money. The show revolves around decisions they make and how they will handle sharing with the other family that, unbeknownst to them, have also received a briefcase. Which family will do the right thing?

Proof – TNT

Those who are into spine-chilling reality based (sort of) thrillers will love Jennifer Beals’ Proof. In this series she explores death and life after death and all the trappings. In this 10 episode TV show, Beals plays a surgeon who has been hired by a millionaire with cancer to investigate the possibility of reincarnation and such things as hauntings and out of body travel. For those into the spiritual realm, this is a long awaited show in their favorite genre.

These are just a sampling of what summer 2015 holds in store for viewers in the US, but gladly those around the world will be able to join in with the wonders of satellite TV. Don’t miss any of these premieres and don’t forget to check in on seasons 2, 3 and beyond of your personal favorites. This is the summer for chilling in front of the tube. Watch – you’ll see!


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