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Justin Bieber is an internationally famous musician, which gains a lot of money from his concerts, music sales, YouTube channel, and endorsements. According to some, most of Justin’s money come from concert tours. Being so successful and popular is hard not to ask yourself how much money he makes. In this post, we have covered the subject of Justin Bieber net worth as well as other juicy details about his personal and professional life.

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Justin Bieber Net Worth 2018

We all know how successful is Justin as an artist and a musician. He has tours after tours all over the globe, and his songs become hits immediately after he launches them. Due to all these facts, we can assume that he is quite rich, especially for a young adult. So, how much is Justin Bieber net worth? The net worth of Justin Bieber has reached the sum of 241 million dollars as of February 2016. This is an impressive sum for everybody, especially for a 22-year-old person. Moreover, estimations show that Justin Bieber net worth will continue to increase. He might even end up the year with over 250 million dollars.

He became a musician at a very early age. Although in the past few years, Justin has shown signs of bad behavior and other personality issues that you might not approve, he has plenty of talent. Moreover, he has millions of fans who attend most of his shows. From these events and merchandise, Justin earns approximately 50 million dollars per year or even more.

Justin Bieber’s Personal Life

justin bieber and selena gomez

Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1st, 1994, and he is one of the richest young musicians in the world. We all know his influence on young girls and the way he drives teenagers crazy with his music, style and attitude. His birth place is in Ontario, Canada. He is his parents’ only child. They were never married. Justin was raised by his mother and his stepfather.

Justin Biebers net worth’s roots began and developed since 2007. Then is when Scooter Braun, a So So Def Recordings marketing executive, saw Justin’s performance on a YouTube video by accident. Soon after posting his online videos, Justin became an Internet sensation. I bet that during his early childhood, he and his parents would have been extremely surprised to find out how much people will talk about Justin Bieber net worth and how popular he will eventually become.

Between 2010 and 2013, Bieber was in a relationship with Selena Gomez. Recently he began dating Sofia Richie, a fashion model, and Lionel Richie’s daughter. Justin says he is a Christian and that he communicates with God through prayers. Also, he loves his country, Canada, stating it is the best country in the world. Although he currently resides in California, United States, he is not interested in obtaining US citizenship.

Justin’s Bad Reputation and Law Problems

Bieber was involved in several scandals and problems with the law ever since 2011. In 2014, he even was arrested, in Miami, Florida. There were multiple reasons for his arrest, including driving under the influence of alcohol, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license. Prior to this incident, Justin had other issues with the law caused by his reckless behavior, vandalism, and heavy partying. Over 270,000 people in America signed a petition in which they requested the White House to deport Bieber from the United States.

Have These Issues Affected His Net Worth?

Although he was accused of many bad things, and he was even held in police custody, Bieber’s popularity seems not to be affected at all. Moreover, his wealth and awareness keep increasing as well as his fans number. It is true that some people don’t like him anymore. In fact, as I previously mentioned, they have even created a petition to kick Bieber out of the United States. Regardless, more and more teens love him and dream to become him. Young girls fantasize about dating him.

So, what is his secret? Is Justin Bieber estimated net worth the thing that keeps attracting those around him? Well, not really! We must admit that money can be appealing to a lot of people. But Bieber has something more than that. He has charisma and a certain attitude that makes fans idolatrize him. On the other hand, in these last couple of years, his overall popularity decreased, according to the Forbes’ most powerful celebrities list from 2013.

Justin Bieber’s Professional Life & Achievements

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When he was only 12 years old, Bieber participated in a talent contest, and he won the second place. This event set him on a totally different path. After the contest, him and his mom uploaded videos on YouTube of him singing covers of popular bands and singers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Ne-Yo. In just a couple of months, Bieber became an internet sensation. Soon after that, he signed with Usher.

His first single, “One Time,” was released in 2009. However, the true hit was his featuring with Ludacris, “Baby,” which gained a place in the Billboard Top 10, in 2010. Another popular single is “Boyfriend,” which appeared in 2012. Since then, Bieber has had only successful songs and music activities. Moreover, he became a desired public person for brand endorsements and commercials. This is why Justin Bieber net worth has gone through the roof.

Throughout his entire career, Justin has sold approximately 100 million records. This made him the best-selling Canadian artist. Moreover, he is one of the most popular artists in the world and among the most wealthiest ones. Bieber received three Grammy nominations, winning one of them. He can be proud of his awards, including thirteen Billboard Music Awards.

Justin Bieber Philanthropy

Justin is not only a musician but also a businessperson and a philanthropist. He is an angel investor for multiple technology companies. He supports Adam Braun’s charity, called Pencils of Promise. Adam is Bieber’s manager younger brother. His organization enables educational opportunities and builds schools. Bieber is also the celebrity spokesman for this foundation. He attends fund-raising events and donates part of his profits from his concerts and product sales that have Bieber’s name on them (he launched his own perfumes).

Putting It All Together

As you could find out above, Justin Bieber net worth is situated around 241 million dollars, which is an incredible sum. Although Bieber has been involved in a lot of troubles, we have to admit he is talented and has a great voice. So, I guess having a nice voice combined with a great team that supports and promotes you, is the required recipe for success. This young Canadian artist has proven to all of us that if you dream and want something bad enough, you can achieve it!

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