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The story of how Apple products were founded is keenly associated with the 1968 Sci-fi movie, A Space Odyssey.

Invariably, just as the movie inspired Steve Jobs to produce the Apple mobile devices, he was also inspired about the nomenclature of the company's name, Apple Inc. ™. Accordingly, Steve Jobs got the inspiration about the name of the product after that he returned from an apple orchard. This was when he was working for an apple orchard in Oregon.

Steve Jobs said that the name of the company was conceived because he felt that it was not intimidating, and it sounded fun and spirited. Also, since the name, “Apple” begins with an 'A' which puts it nearer the front of any listings. And after, the company's logo shows an apple with a chunk taken out of it as the design.

The Inspiration Behind Apple Inc. Devices 

Invariably, the design of the Apple devices is often traced to phenomenal inspirations. First, the name of the company evolved as a result of Steve Jobs' working experience at the apple orchard in Oregon.

Secondly, the mobile devices of Apple came as a direct inspiration deducted from a movie that was produced in 1967 and released in 1968. The movie is known as 'A Space Odyssey'.

A Space Odyssey was released by the MBG Studios in 1968. It is a Sci-fi movie that predicts an envisaged future technology.

At the time of the making of the movie, the level of available technology was far below what it would take to produce the gadgets used in the plotting of the movie. It was a foresight of the future of technology that is now consummated in the era of Apple technology. It was simply a prognosis of the possible future of advanced technological innovations. The director of the movie, Stanley Kubrick aligned with the Arthur Clarke, the author of sci-fi novels to depict spacecraft, personal electronic devices, and computer technology with an expected highly advanced effects on film.

While putting together such an envisaged technological development that will change the face of technology, the creators did not fall out of feasibility. Though the work was only a fictitious effort, it was later translated into practical reality by later technological leap. Collaboration on the production of the movie stretched further into consulting with NASA engineers who worked on putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

In the movie, A Space Odyssey talks about what the future will look like to a young man and a little boy in a computer room that is stocked up with giant computers. Clarke continued to talk about an envisaged technology where people owned computers that are very small, but that can execute numerous tasks, even as much as can be used to order tickets, and various other computer-based tasks.

The movie opens with a scene that provides a clue that later formed the structure of the blueprint for Steve Jobs' invention of the Apple mobile devices later in the future.

The Name iPod was inspired by a Line from What Sci-Fi Movie?

The iPod, as an example, is clearly a direct lift from the EVA Pod or ePod in the movie, A Space Odyssey, as a direct inspiration which was also reflected on the naming of the product – iPod.

Amazingly, the functions of iPod device are quite similar to the ePod technology in the movie, even though the form factor is clearly different. Both products are compact computer-aided devices which are boosted up by a larger device like iMac or mothership. The ePod, similarly, had the numerous essential performance capacities in the movie, just as it is obtainable in Steve Jobs' iPod technology.

The ePod facilitates the repair of the One Discovery mothership, providing single let out where the crew communicates confidentially through 'off the grid.' Borrowing from this fictitious technology, the iPod equally a diminutive gadget like the ePod occupies a gigantic space in today's consumer electronics industry, revitalizing the Apple Company’s fortune and a complete transformation of the music industry.

Furthermore, it strongly influenced the way audiophile buyers make their choice. Both products show a small gadget that can act as an instrument of change and advancement in technology.

How Steve Jobs Created the Future

photo of steve jobs as wallpaper of an iphone

Image Source: Pexels.com

Though the iPod is a very direct transfer of the ePod device from the movie, the iPhone is not as directly copied as the iPod was.

What makes the iPhone an inspirational outcome from a device in the movie is the outward appearance of the monolithic device; its interactive quality in the movie. Also, through the works of Kubrick in the movie a sophisticated seamless device that is incorporated into daily activities is seen in the movie, from which the iPhone was partly copied from.

Obviously, such an invention would never have been a possible invention at the time of the production of the movie due to the absence of technological innovations at the time.

However, Steve Jobs foresaw the possibilities in a time when technological growth had grown to embrace the envisaged future technology from the movie.

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