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Lil Wayne Net Worth: $140 Million

You’re all probably wondering what the Lil Wayne Net Worth is and how he built such a massive enterprise from his career. Lil Wayne is an American producer, music executive and rapper with a net worth of $140 million. He grew up in the 17th ward in New Orleans, and whether you call him Weezy F. Baby, Mr. Carter or Lil Wayne, he reached fame in ways others only dream to. He started his music career at the age of 15 with Hot Boys, a rap group from Cash Money Records and soon after that Lil Wayne debuted The Block is Hot, his solo album that reached number 3 in the Billboard charts and went platinum.

The young rapper was influenced by artists from Cash Money Records such as U.N.L.V. and Pimp Daddy and he started rapping at block parties. The rapper’s performance at one of those parties drew the eye of a Cash Money rapper called Lil Slim. Through him, Wayne met with the big shots at Cash Money Records, Ronald “Slim” Williams and Brian “Baby” Williams. Even though the two were quite impressed by Wayne’s style, he didn’t sign any contract with the record company until he continuously left freestyle rap recordings on “Baby” Williams’ answering machine.

Lil Wayne career started when he got his big shot to sign a contract with Cash Money at the age of 11, which made him the youngest rapper in the record company. After he signed the contract, Lil Wayne had an accident that almost cost him his life. He accidentally shot himself in the chest with the gun of his stepfather, which forced him to go for two weeks on life support.

After he recovered, Lil Wayne had his first gig and was grouped with another newcomer with the name of Lil’ Doggie. Lil’ Doggie is known more as B.G. which formed the B.G.’z rap group. After releasing a failing album in 1995, and after the death of his stepfather in 1997, the rapper was given another chance to record an album with Baby. It was then that he formed the group “The Hot Boys”.

While the group saw success in numerous states by 1999, it was only when Wayne released Tha Block is Hot solo album that he got his biggest break, the one that made him famous across the entire United States.

His next two albums were not such great hits, however. His album called 500 Degreez was supposed to beat the sales of Juvenile’s multi-platinum album called 400 Degreez. The sales of Wayne’s album, however, were very disappointing. He sold only 900,000 copies worldwide and 536,000 in the United States.

Despite numerous controversies, Lil Wayne still had success. His albums called Tha Carter and Tha Carter II (his fourth and fifth albums) were proof the rapper had a great sense of self, which is obvious in his lyrics. He became the president of the record company Cash Money Records and founded an imprint of Cash Money called Young Money Entertainment in 2005.

His album Tha Carter III (his sixth album released in 2008), the rapper was nominated for eight Grammy’s. These eight nominations were the most for any artist that year and Lil Wayne won four of them. The rapper released his first Rock album called Rebirth in 2010 and was named by MTV the second hottest MC behind the Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z. His album I Am Not a Human Being launched in the same year as Rebirth and made it to the top 10 in Hot 200 just like many of his creations. The album also gained him the respect of reviewers back.

In 2009, the documentary called Tha Carter was presented at the Sundance Film Festival. The rapper collaborated with numerous musicians such as Ludacris, Akon, Chris Brown, T-Pain, T.I. Keri Hilson and Birdman.

Lil Wayne caused a lot of hype in the media before the launch of his album I Am Not a Human Being II because the rapper was hospitalized for seizures. Some rumors claimed that Wayne was on drugs but he later explained that he was an epileptic and had gone through many other seizures in the past without the public knowing anything about them.

Some people say that Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper in history while others claim the rapper is self-destructive. Whatever the truth, there is no arguing he worked hard for his fortune and that Lil Wayne has become essential in American music and will always have a spot there.

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