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If you’ve heard about it (and you probably did since you’ve looked for this page), then the prospect sounded so good that there wouldn’t be any reason not to want to experience this yourself. To dream about almost anything you want to, to be able to stir your dreams into the right direction, to keep anything unpleasant or nightmare-like at bay and to get the maximum satisfaction out of your dreams – who wouldn’t want this? The answer to this question is yes, you can, but only within certain limitations and on certain conditions. So, if you’ve been wondering yourself about how to lucid dream easily, here is everything you should know on the topic.

How to lucid dream

How to lucid dream

First of all, you should know that you can’t learn how to lucid dream as instantly as snapping your fingers, so as much as you want it to, it won’t happen tonight. Any online resources telling you otherwise and promising immediate results are probably commercial scams, according to the science behind lucid dreaming. You can’t achieve it from the first night you try it (unless you’re incredibly lucky, but it will have more to do with chance than with your ability to control or induce it). Therefore, there will be no lucid dreaming without constant training, unfortunately; but the good news is that you can learn how to lucid dream fairly fast if you practice every night. Beginners usually manage to train their brains to lucidly dream in a matter of weeks, as long as they maintain the routine and their focus.

How to Lucid Dream in 3 Steps

Stop fretting about it, it’s no use going to bed too anxious and obsessing over “How can I get to the lucid dreaming?” Instead, try to enter a more relaxed state of mind; all credible sources on how to lucid dream agree that one cannot achieve the appropriate mental stance unless completely relaxed. Then, apply these 3 steps:

  1. Practice dream recall – As often as possible, try to recall as many details about a dream you just had and note them down into a special notebook. Even if you just woke up in the middle of the night. If you want to get to lucid dreaming, first you have to start by recalling what you dreamt about as vividly as possible. Only then you will make your mind be gradually more and more aware of its dreaming processes and you’ll be able to intuitively know how to lucid dream.
  2. Take naps often, and remind yourself during the day that you’re conscious – According to several psychologists and parapsychologists that became experts on how to lucid dream, the goal is to train your mind to be more comfortable and more aware of its consciousness both in dream-time and in awake-time. Begin by practicing “reality-probing”, which means reminding yourself that you are aware and conscious of your surroundings several times during the day. This will become a habit easy to resume while dreaming. Also, take naps: napping allows the brain to enter the REM-state (Rapid Eye Movement phase) easier, and dreams only happen during this period. Also, it seems that something about the interruption of sleep makes the borders between reality and dreams to become blurred, making it easy to delve into lucid dreaming.
  3. Try listening to lucid dream-inducing sounds (binaural beats) – Some scientists claim that a certain type of sound effects called binaural beats are able to put the listener into a state similar to an out-of-body-experience, or to induce lucid dreaming. While the opinions on the matter are still divided, there’s no harm in trying to listen to a relaxing audio file of that sort, and Youtube is full of videos specifically meant to help people interested in how to lucid dream. Let one play on low volume – they’re usually around 60 minutes long – and try to go to sleep, still being aware of that fact you’re dreaming. You’ll be well on your way to wild and beautiful dreams in no time, while still remaining behind the wheel.

As long as you keep trying to apply these steps as part of your going to bed routine, you’ll surely succeed in a matter of weeks, and you’ll get your own version of Waking Life in no time (but in a good way). Learning how to lucid dream isn’t as much a matter of magic or mystery, as it’s a matter of learning how to master and discipline your mind and make it follow your wishes. Once you get the hang of it, it should be easy.

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