Home Health Should You Switch From Cigarettes to Ecigs?

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If you are a smoker, it is hard to ignore the trend of ‘vaping’. Vaping is essentially just a fashionable term for using electronic cigarettes instead of lighting up, but it is something that is everywhere as it becomes more popular and mainstream. Even celebrities like Katy Perry, Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp have been seen using ecigs, and older stars like Jack Nicholson are also getting in on the trend, claiming it has allowed them to reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke and improve their health and wellbeing.

If you are wondering whether going from cigarettes to ecigs is a transition you should make, here are some of the benefits vapers are enjoying:

A Wealth of Choice

With conventional cigarettes, you only really get to choose between normal tobacco flavor or menthol. With ecigs, you can get a huge range of eliquids which are designed to give you a different experience. Some are made to be as close to real smoking as possible, with a tobacco taste and the same ‘kick’ at the back of the throat you get when you smoke. Others, however, are designed to offer interesting flavors and fragrances that make vaping something of a treat. You can get eliquids that taste like your favorite dessert or fruit, or even your favorite cocktail, if you want. Click here to see just some of the flavors you can have with your ecig. You can also use eliquids with devices that offer an experience more like smoking a hookah pipe, if that is your preferred way to smoke at the moment.

Less Antisocial

Over the course of the past few decades, smoking has been made to feel more and more antisocial. Secondhand smoke has been shown to cause an increased risk of cancer, and as a result, smoking in public places is illegal in almost all states and countries. If you are sick of having to huddle out on the street when you want a cigarette on your night out, or head to a shelter miles away from your office when you want to smoke at work and it is raining, you will know just how inconvenient smoking cigarettes has become. However, vaping doesn’t have the same stigma attached, because the water vapor released by ecigs is not like smoke – it doesn’t smell like tobacco and has not been shown to be harmful to other people. You can therefore vape without feeling guilty or getting dirty looks!

More Attractive

Another reason people keep on switching to ecigs is that vaping doesn’t make your clothes, hair or breath smell like smoking cigarettes does, and it also won’t stain your fingers or teeth. If you want to look good and smell appealing, an ecig is a much more attractive thing to use than cigarettes.

There are lots of reasons why smokers are deciding to use electronic cigarettes and eliquids rather than lighting up, so if you are thinking of making the change, then now is a great time to do it!


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