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The health benefits of cherries are many. They can improve motor skills, prevent diseases and even act as an effective sleeping pill. Without a doubt, this lovely fruit can help humans in a multitude of ways. Surprisingly, the cherries health benefits are only beginning to be understood, but they show much promise.

Cherries are a valuable source of fiber, proteins, vitamins A and C while having balanced levels of calories. The sweet cherry is an indigenous species to a large part of Europe, western parts of Asia and the northern part of Africa. The word cherry is derived from its classical Greek counterpart. The Greek word is also said to have its roots in the Anatolian language, mainly its largest subdivision the Hittite language.

health benefits of cherries

For thousands of years, cherries have been part of  individuals’ diet. The many cherry health benefits have been in late years more and more discovered. Ample research shows that the regular intake of cherries can help prevent a series of diseases, as well as help people lose weight.

What are the Health Benefits of Cherries?

Cherries are separated into two distinct species. Sour and sweet cherries can be used in a vast array of dishes. Although they are considered a dessert, they possess various health benefits.


The sweet cherries health benefits are strongly connected with the substances anthocyanins and cyanidin, that can be found within this fruit. Although the tart cherry juice health benefits also relate to antioxidants, the levels of vitamin E are much higher in sweet cherries. The latter also contains quercetin, a powerful antioxidant.


The health benefits of tart cherry juice and sweet cherries also extend to the prevention of diseases such as cancer. This mainly due to the fact that they contain high levels of fiber, carotenoids, anthocyanins and vitamin C. All of these substances play an active role in cancer prevention.

Muscle Sourness

The tart cherries health benefits also extend to problems related to muscle tissue. The cherry juice health benefits are mainly taken into consideration by athletes who encounter difficulties such as these muscle related problems. Simply put, this fruit has anti-inflammatory attributes, reducing pains and damages that muscle tissues may encounter during exhausting exercises.

Heart Diseases

Black cherry juice health benefits, as well as tart cherries health benefits have been cited as active prevention mechanisms against strokes. They improve the fat and glucose metabolism while lowering the dangers of heart diseases.


The health benefits of cherry juice also extend to relief pain of those suffering from arthritis. Many studies have shown that sour cherries contain great levels of anti-inflammatory substances. As a result, daily intake of cherries reduces pain and inflammatory osteoarthritis.

Weight Loss

An interesting discovery regarding the Rainier cherries health benefits involves weight loss. Additional health benefits of cherry juice are related to the low levels of triglycerides, this in turn is related to heart health.

Natural Sleeping Pill

Melatonin is an active compound of cherries. That is why the dried cherries health benefits involve the active role they have in sleep. As a result, the strong antioxidant that comes in the form of melatonin helps people sleep, regulate our internal clock and even regenerates the body.


When the uric acid in our blood gets out of control, gout appears. As such, the struggling metabolism can be helped by the intake of cherries. That is why the health benefits of tart cherry juice also involve gout prevention, due to the high concentration of anti-inflammatory substances. Therefore, the hardships associated with gout, such as pains, swelling and stiffness in joints are prevented due to the ability of cherries to regulate metabolism.

health benefits of cherries

Cherry Recipes

Not only cherries possess many health benefits, but they can also be used in a vast array of dishes. We will present a few simple, easy to make and delicious cherry dishes.

  • Cherry Compote with Goat Cheese – this simple dessert contains one pound of sweet cherries, balsamic vinegar, fresh thyme, goat cheese and a drop of sugar.
  • Cornish Hens with Port Cherry Sauce –  an excellent dinner or lunch dish that contains cornstarch, thyme, dried cherries and port.
  • Black Forest Trifle – another delicious dessert that includes fat-free milk, sugar-free chocolate cake, sugar-free pudding and fat-free whipped topping. This is an excellent dessert for people who want to lose weight or have diabetes, due to its low concentrations of cholesterol, saturated fat and calories.
  • Grilled Chicken with Spicy Cherry Sauce – a great choice for lunch or dinner that is made of sweet cherries, garlic, cumin, red pepper, dry red wine, sweet cherries and chicken.
  • Noodles with Duck Breast, Edamame, and Dried Cherries – this fantastic recipe is made of skinless duck breast, edamame, broad egg noodles and dried sweet cherries.
  • Blue Cheese Chicken Salad – an incredible lunch idea that contains olive oil, shallots, honey, balsamic vinegar, blue cheese, chicken, sweet cherries, orange juice topping and spinach.
  • Pike Place Market Salad – another delightful salad made of champagne vinegar, blue cheese, shallot, caramelized walnuts, any lettuce and sweet cherries.
  • Roasted Cherries with Cocoa Mocha Granita – an excellent frozen dessert made of kirsch, lemon juice, sweet cherries, condensed milk, vanilla, almonds, cocoa, sugar, and coffee.
  • Cherry Ginger Scones – an excellent dessert for those who want to lose weight. It is made of whole wheat pastry flour, rolled oats and dry cherries.
  • Almond Cereal Bars – a fast and healthy breakfast, these bars are made of cereal, nuts and various fruits, including cherries.
  • Cherry Chocolate Sundae with Spiced Almond Praline – an incredible dessert that uses hints of red pepper to increase the overall flavor. It contains maple syrup, dark chocolate, English toffee and cherries.

The health benefits of cherries are obvious. A natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, this fruit is known to prevent diseases such as arthritis and cancer. The fact that this versatile fruit can be used in a vast array of dishes, not only desserts, makes it even more pleasing and practical. We hope this article proved useful and if there are any questions feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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