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The average court reporter salary in the USA in 2014 was $49,860 per year according to BLS (the Bureau of Labor Statistics). In the same year, Forbes Magazine estimated that court reporters were the sixth best-paid employees that didn’t need a four-year degree.

Court reporters working within the Local Government had an annual mean wage of $58,270 in 2014, followed closely by employees of the State Government with $58,250. The Federal Executive Branch average court reporter salary was $57,030. A significant drop was noticed in the Business Support Services where the annual mean wage was $46,290.


Aspiring court reporters have to attend either vocational training or technical school that will prepare them for the exact requirements for the job. The salaries for certificated court reporters, including bonuses, overtimes, and tips increase with experience:

Experience Level Salary range
Entry Level (0-5 years) $38,000 – $42,000
Mid-Level (5-10 years) $43,000 – $50,000
Experienced level (10-20 years) $52,000 – $60,000
Late career level (more than 20 years) >$65,000

Average Court Reporter Salary

Average court reporter salary and overtime in 2018

According to PayScale surveys, in 2018, the average salary for court reporters was $47,000. The same site states that national hourly rates can range between $12 and $51 while overtime is usually set in the $40 ballpark.

Taking into account any potential annual bonuses that seldom exceed $10,000 as well as commissions that are roughly $5,000 per year, the biggest salary for a court reporter in 2018 totaled to $90,500. 

Court reporter salary by location

While it is true that salary averages don’t differ extensively within the industry, court reporting salary is the exception to the rule. The geographic location can heavily impact the annual salary of court reporters.

The data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2012 revealed that New York City court reporters salaries were in the lead, with Los Angeles the first runner-up, followed by Denver on the third place.

State Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
New York $42.51 $88,420
California $40.59 $84,430
Colorado $36.03 $74,950
Iowa $30.97 $64,430
Texas $29.78 $61,950
Texas $29.78 $61,950
Michigan $21.32 $44,340
Florida $20.04 $41,690
Louisiana $19.93 $41,460
Maryland $19.56 $40,680
Alabama $17.80 $37,020
Indiana $16.99 $35,350

Freelance court reporter salary

Not only can it take less than a year to prepare working as a court reporter, but it’s also uncomplicated to find a job. Relocating is not an issue since all courts in the US require court reporters on every single trial.

Instead of working for a single employer, some court reporters choose to freelance. This way, they manage to increase their salaries by taking on various jobs and charging transcripts per page. Freelance court reporter salaries vary extensively according to the geographic location and practiced hourly rates.

According to Indeed.com, a freelance court reporter salary in New York can reach as much as $66,000 per year. The figure drops significantly when we look at Nebraska, with court reporters earning $40,000 per year.

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