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Updated 06.12.2017

Auto mechanics are typically responsible for testing parts to ensure proper functioning, diagnosing mechanical problems, following inspection checklists, performing basic car care, replacing old worn parts, conducting tests to ensure repairs are effective, explaining to clients the needed repairs, and disassembling and reassembling parts.

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General Info about Auto Mechanic Salary

How much does an auto mechanic make? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 749,900 auto mechanics employed throughout the United States in May 2016. The mean auto mechanic salary was $38,470, which is equivalent to a mean hourly wage of $18.50.

Industry Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Heavy Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Service Technicians $22.93 $47,690
Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics $21.72 $45,170
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics $18.50 $38,470
Small Engine Mechanics $16.96 $35,280


The bottom ten percent of auto mechanics earns $21,470 or less, while the top ten percent of auto mechanics bring home $64,070 or more each year. Auto mechanics who are employed at automobile dealers make slightly more than average at $43,250. However, the highest paid work is in telecommunications for $73,860 annually.

What Is the Average Auto Mechanic Salary by Location

Here’s a table detailing the top paying states for auto mechanics as of May 2016:

State Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
DC 390 $31.40 $64,560
Alaska 1,530 $26.17 $54,440
Maryland 12,600 $22.65 $47,100
New Jersey 15,440 $22.60 $47,010
California 63,550 $22.43 $46,650


Here are the states with the highest level of employment in the US for auto mechanics:

State Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
California 63,550 $22.43 $46,650
Texas 47,080 $20.08 $41,760
Florida 45,810 $18.59 $38,660
New York 34,8300 $19.79 $41,150
Pennsylvania 31,720 $18.19 $38,040


As you can see, the overall best state to be an auto mechanic in is California. The auto mechanic salary is high while there is an abundance of employment opportunities everywhere near the big cities.

woman mechanic washing car part

Auto Mechanics Work Environment

The majority of auto mechanics, around 31 percent, are employed within the automotive repair and maintenance industry for private companies. Others may find employment at automobile dealerships, automotive parts or accessories stores, gasoline stations, motor vehicle parts wholesalers, aerospace parts manufacturing, and local governments.

Around 18 percent of auto mechanics are self-employed and own their own automotive services shop. Although most work full-time, many auto mechanics need to work irregular hours on evenings and weekends to accommodate customers.

Job Outlook

Employment for auto mechanics is expected to grow about as fast as the national average for all career fields at a rate of 6 percent, which will create 47,600 new jobs before 2026. Although continued consolidation within the automotive industry may slow the growth, the number of cars being used and the increased lifespan of later model cars will cause an increase in demand for auto mechanics to conduct basic maintenance and repair functions. The most promising job prospects for qualified candidates are projected to open in automobile dealerships and independent repair shops.

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