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When it comes to moving, after all, the humdrum of the packing, the carrying, and the unloading, there’s one big question we all get stuck at: how much do you tip movers? The answer to this question is far from being a simple one. In fact, if we were to ask God a single question, forget the meaning of life, this one takes the spot!


It seems that there’s no stat movers tipping etiquette. Should there be one? Of course. Yet different moving companies throughout the U.S. have different views on how much you should tip their movers. However, they all seem to agree on something: yes, movers should be tipped. Why? Well, here are a few reasons:


  • They carry your stuff from your house to their car.
  • They drive along to your new place.
  • They carry your stuff from their car to your new home.
  • They offer to install everything so that everything is in tip-top shape.
  • They make sure not to break your extra-fragile stuff.
  • They come prepared, they do their job, and they leave without leaving a mess.

Obviously, if your movers fail to do one or more of the above, your question on the tip amount for movers is legitimate.


How Much Do You Tip Movers that Do Their Job Well?

Of course, there’s a difference. We’re not going to talk about employees that don’t do their jobs right. These should be happy to receive any tip if they’re lucky and the customer is feeling in a good mood. Yet when it comes to the question of professional movers, let’s look at the infographic:


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So, as you can deduct from our nice graphic above, tipping movers is not just a question of money. Water is essential to a good relationship with the guys who basically put your whole house back together. Hot beverages are also a good thing to have, especially in bleak winter. Snacks, likewise, are a must have! And apart from that, you’ll also want to save money.

Did you know…

The standard tip for movers is considered to be 15% while saving in more for the actual driver. However, not many people actually give that much.

"how much do you tip movers how much to tip movers tipping movers tip movers how much to tip movers long distance local movers tipping etiquette standard tip for movers tip amount for mocustomary tip for movers"

How to Tip Movers Equally?

The big question of how much do you tip movers can easily be divided into several questions. Apart from the ones in the graphic above, we would think you will also want to know how much to tip movers locally, how much to tip movers long distance included, and how much you should tip each individual mover. Here are a few basic rules that we hope will answer all those questions:

  • The driver should be tipped according to the distance. If you’re moving over a long distance, tip the driver the most. It’s common courtesy.
  • The others should be tipped equally. Of course, you need to watch what they do and with how much care they do it. If you feel they deserve a little something extra, go ahead and give them the standard 15%, if you budget permits.
  • You don’t have to throw all your savings on them. Moving jobs over extremely long distances will cost a good amount of money. So for a cost of $15,000, you will probably not be that ready to give 15%, i.e. $2,250. You should give them only as much as you can afford. No pressure – they’re doing their job and they’re getting paid to do it.

In the end, how much do you tip movers really depends on how much you can give them, how tipping movers goes in your neighborhood, and what the standard top for movers is. We hope we’ve hit the spot and that you now know a few good tips for your next big move.

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