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How much does a radiologist make? According to data from the BLS (the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S.), the average radiologist made $393,865 per year in January 2018. This translates to $189 per hour.

The job of a radiologist fits the greater area known as diagnostic related technologists and technicians in the BLS occupational handbook. This category of jobs makes approximately $7,564 per week for the fiscal year of 2018. An interesting fact about how much does a radiologist make is how the upper 10% got paid compared to the lower 10%. Unlike other jobs where the median salary is twice the lower 10% and have the highest 105, the median radiologist salary is pretty stable.

The highest paid radiologists in the US can make up to $511,925 while the lowest paid 10% make $295,572 as of 2018. The salary generally varies depending on the industry where the specific radiologist chooses to get hired, or to the alma mater of the specific technician. Also, some states pay higher wages for radiologists compared to others. This usually depends on the demand for highly trained personnel.

Here’s a BLS list of the highest paid industries in terms of the radiologist salary:

Industry Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Oil and Gas Extraction $77.43 $161,050
Management $77.25 $160,680
Chemical Manufacturing $70.32 $146,270
Scientific Research and Development $70.09 $145,780
Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers $69.49 $144,540

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How Much Does a Radiologist Make by Location

As we’ve previously said, radiologists can have wildly varying wages depending on the location where they choose to practice their profession. Some State areas have better schools and training programs for their radiologists. Therefore, they tend to value their radiologists more. Still, it’s not only about wages. The table below is here to show you that the employment levels of radiologists also matter.

State Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Oklahoma 3,820 $76.97 $160,090
Alaska 740 $76.46 $159,040
Virginia 1,100 $74.43 $154,810
Texas 21,580 $74.11 $154,160
Kansas 180 $66.69 $138,720

According to the table above, the best places to stay in for radiologists seem to be Oklahoma, Alaska, and Virginia. However, we should also look at how much does a radiologist make in the best States:

State City Annual mean wage
New York New York City $466,912
Connecticut Stamford $446,307
Missouri Peabody, Massachusetts $441,642
Pennsylvania Levittown, Pennsylvania $440,087
Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska $439,310

How Does a Radiologist Make Over Time

Radiologist salaries change depending on many different factors. For this occupation, the labor statistics website PayScale places the salary anywhere between $102,378 and $459,312. However, within this margin, they also include radiologist diagnosticians working in clinics. Still, according to the same website, here are a few factors influencing the Radiologist pay over time:

  • An entry-level radiologist (less than 5 years of experience) can make an average total compensation of $259,000 (tips, bonus, overtime).
  • A mid-career radiologist (5 – 10 years experience) is sure to earn an average total compensation of $293,000.
  • An experienced radiologist (10 – 20 years experience) can gain an average of $331,000.
  • A radiologist in the late stages (more than 20 years experience) of his or her career can earn as much as $326,000 on average.

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