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what do computer programmers doWith the continual advancement of the modern digital age, computer programmers are vital members of the growing technology industry who write the code needed for building successful software programs.

Computer programmers are responsible for turning program designs into instructions that a computer can easily follow to produce the expected results.

Daily Duties of Computer Programmers:

  • Writing software programs in a variety of computer code languages, including C++, JavaScript, and HTML
  • Updating and expanding present programs to be more current with the latest technological advancements
  • Utilizing code libraries as collections of independent code lines to simplify the writing of computer programs
  • Debugging codes, evaluating the effectiveness of programs, and fixing any errors
  • Building computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) resources to automate the writing of computer codes
  • Designing mobile applications, systems interfaces, and computer operating systems
  • Training users or computer operators on how a new program functions

Computer Programmer Job Description
In most cases, computer programmers can be found working in office settings within the computer systems design and related services industry. Some computer programmers who are experts in a specific concentrated area may also find employment as consultants for outside firms and travel frequently between various work locations. Since writing code can be completed from basically anywhere, many computer programmers also telecommute.

Though the typical workweek for computer programmers consists of 40 hours during regular business hours, some may work longer than full-time hours to meet deadlines. While programmers normally work independently, it is common for them to work alongside other computer specialists like software engineers, computer systems managers, and software designers on larger projects.

Skills Needed to Be a Computer Programmer
What do computer programmers do? Due to the complexity of the computer programming languages, it is often required that computer programmers possess at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or another closely related subject. In these programs, computer programmers can advance the hands-on experience needed to gain essential knowledge on writing code, debugging programs, and designing systems interfaces.

In order to be a successful computer programmer, individuals must possess strong analytical skills for understanding complex instructions in creating computer codes, troubleshooting skills for fixing code errors, and organizational skills to closely examine the code they write to ensure it is free from all mistakes that will affect the end result. Furthermore, it is important that computer programmers have the ability to concentrate on working at a computer and writing code for long periods of time.