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There is a lot of money that swirls around professional sports circles and it’s not just the athletes that are getting it. A lot of other support jobs where you can make a lot of money are out there also. Basically if you can think of an activity that is associated with sports, then there is probably a specialty sports job that is associated with that activity. Here are some common sports related jobs that can earn you a much better than average living.


Of course the overwhelmingly number one way for a person to make a career out of a sport is to play it well. They are a variety of sports that are played at a professional level and most of the athletes are well compensated to say the least. Many of the top players earn millions of dollars per year in their respective sports and even the non-superstar players earn a very good living.


There was an old joke that used to go around in sports circles that said, “Those who can’t play, coach”. And why not, there are many head coaching and assistant coaching positions in sports from high school to the pros that can help someone make a good living. So whether you were a good player at a sport or not, if you have good knowledge of that sport then maybe a sports coaching career is perfect for you.


There are companies out there like Athletes-USA.com that get paid to help amateur athletes get important sports scholarships to college. They help put talented athletes into the spotlight who have not gotten much attention in recruiting despite their obvious prowess in their sport. These types of companies are becoming more and more important to student athletes looking for scholarships.


These days there is so much coverage of sports both on TV and the internet that it has caused a rapid increase in sports broadcasting jobs. Many of the broadcasters and color commentators are ex athletes but there are many positions that are filled by people who are knowledgeable about sports and speak eloquently too.

Sports Representation

As was mentioned, there are a lot of professional athletes out there and these athletes do not negotiate their own contracts; that is the job of their sports agent. Sports agents negotiate on a client’s behalf to get them as much money as possible to play their sport professionally. It is another job that has risen substantially in the numbers of people doing it over the last few decades.

Athletic Trainer

Where there are sports being played there are also injuries and that is where the role of athletic trainers come in. They diagnose if a player is fit to continue after being injured and help in the rehabilitation process of injured players also.

This is just scratching the surface of the many sports jobs there are available. If you really want a sports career, then an active job search will open you up for consideration to many hundreds of different sports related careers that are available today.


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