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Mankind has been creating and wearing jewelry for thousands of years, and while some things have changed, particularly when it comes to design and chosen materials, others haven’t. Regardless of craftsmanship and jewel type, one thing is clear: these treasures are no longer exclusive to royalty. We can all own our own jewel, which becomes laden with sentimental value and is priceless. We can choose anything from diamonds and diamond jewelry to exquisite pearl necklaces.

The following pieces of jewelry, though, have been sold and auctioned off. Experts know precisely what they are worth (at least in most cases). Here are the most expensive jewels in the world:

The Koh-I-Noor Diamond (estimated price: unknown)

the most expensive diamond in the world, mountain of light

This particular diamond has a unique story. Its name, of Persian origin, translates into “Mountain of Light” and accurately describes the one-of-a-kind, 105.60 carat diamond, once believed to be the largest one of its kind in the world. Its origins were traced back to Andhra Pradesh, in India. Throughout the centuries, numerous Sikh, Mughal and Persian royals fought each other in order to claim ownership of this prized possession. The reason why a diamond so unique has never had a price tag attached to it is because a documented sale of the diamond was never recorded. The Koh-I-Noor has always changed hands by being stolen, gifted or bartered. In the 1500’s, experts believed that this unique diamond’s value corresponded to approximately half of the world’s daily production costs. The gem is now the property of the British Crown, and seeing that it may be one of the most valuable pieces out of an estimated $12 billion treasure, it’s safe to assume that money simply cannot buy such a creation.

The Sancy Diamond (estimated price: unknown)

yellow diamond priceless, the sancy diamond

Yet another priceless jewel, the Sancy Diamond is a pale yellow, 55.23 carat diamond which used to belong to the Great Moguls. It too can trace its origins back to India and was the first large diamond to ever be cut with symmetrical facets. Currently, it resides in the Louvre museum in Paris and belongs to the French Crown Jewel collection.

The Cullinan Diamond (estimated price: $400 million)

the nine major cuts of the cullinan diamond

This massive diamond was the largest non-carbonado and largest gem-quality diamond to ever be mined. Its rough weight was 3106.75 carat at the moment of its discovery, in 1905. Together with the Golden Jubilee Diamond, it was discovered in the Premier Mine which belonged to Sir Thomas Cullinan. After its discovery, the diamond was split into 105 stones, 9 major and 96 smaller. The Cullinan I (530.2 carat) and the Cullinan II (at 317.4 carats) were known as the Great Star respectively the Second Star of Africa.

The Hope Diamond (estimated price: $350 millions)

a blue diamond, the hope diamond

Located at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the Hope Diamond is one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. The 45.52 carat marvel owes its blue color to the boron traces found in the crystal’s structure. Under UV light, it shines a bright red phosphor.

The Beauty of Ocean (estimated price: $139 million)

beauty of ocean pearl weighing 6 tons

Unveiled in 2010 in China, this massive pearl managed to bewilder audiences due to its sheer size. The Beauty of Ocean pearl weighs a whopping six tons and measures 5 feet in height. This manmade pearl is composed of fluorite and only achieved its pearl-like shape due to a tiresome grounding process which lasted three years. It is rumored to glow in the dark.

The Centenary Diamond (estimated price: $100 million)

the de beers centenary diamond

The fifth most expensive jewel in the world is the De Beers Centenary Diamond, which received a D level classification from the Gemological Institute of America. This color grade signifies that the unique diamond is not only colorless but also internally and externally flawless. It was also produced in the Premier Mine and was presented in its final form in 1991.

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