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Sean Penn is one of the most acclaimed Hollywood actors, best-known for playing intense, powerful characters. Apart from being a truly gifted, Oscar winning performer, he is also known as a screenwriter, producer and director. His successful career in the film industry is not the only sector that caught the eye of the press and public. The actor is also famous for his colorful private life and controversial political beliefs. Sean Penn net worth is another aspect that made fans curious. Let’s find out more about his career and rewards over time.

Sean Penn Net Worth: $150 million

With an annual income estimated to   $18 million, Sean Penn net worth is now valued at $150 million and growing.

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Sean Penn’s Bio and Career Development

Born in Los Angeles on the 9th of August, 1960, Hollywood’s ‘bad boy’ grew up in a creative environment populated by future-to be celebrities like Charlie Sheen. He is the son of two gifted parents, the actress Eileen Ryan and actor, director and writer Leo Penn. Sean Penn’s brother, Michael, is also active in the entertainment and arts sector as a singer and director, while his younger brother, Chris, is also an actor.

Penn started his acting career in a TV show directed by his father – Little House on the Prairie. However, he properly debuted in the movie industry with a role in Taps, in 1981, performing alongside the acclaimed actor Tom Cruise. The roles which contributed to his reputation as a talented actor, however, were for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bad Boys and the Snowman.

If you wonder what boosted Sen Penn net worth over time, his was just one of the factors. His career development was supported by both enthusiast fans and positive reviews from critics.

During the 1990s Sean Penn got noticed for his versatile performances in films such as the crime drama Carlito’s Way (1993) and Dead Man Walking (1995), for which he received his first Oscar nomination, first Academy Award nomination and the Best Actor Award at the Berlin Film Festival. The Game (1997), The Thin Red Line (1998) and Sweet and Lowdown (1999) are a few other important films he starred during the period. Woody Allen’s film, Sweet and Lowdown, brought him another Oscar nomination, definitely contributing to the career development and fame, but also to Sean Penn net worth.

After a decade, he was awarded two Academy Awards for his brilliant appearances in Mystic River (2003) and Milk (2008).  So, the most fertile and profitable period for his career began after 2000.  For his role in I am Sam (2001) he received another Oscar nomination. Sean Penn won the Oscar for Best Actor two years later for his role in Mystic River.

Among Sean Penn’s rewards, the Best Actor Award of the Cannes Film Festival for She’s So Lovely (1997), and the two Best Actor Awards at the Venice Film Festival for Hurlyburly (1998) and 21 Grams (2003) are also worth mentioning.

Even if Sean Penn net worth is bases on his acting career, his directing activity is also one of Penn’s sources of wealth. He is known as a director for Indian Runner (1991), and The Crossing Guard (1995).

As regards his popularity, his private life also had a great impact on his public image. He acquired an incredible measure of fame by marring the iconic pop diva Madonna in 1985. Their stormy marriage ended up four years later.

His second marriage, with the House of Cards actress Robin Wright lasted for fourteen years. They got married in 1996, had two children and separated in 2009. Sean Penn net worth didn’t remain untouched either. Penn’s second divorce came at a considerable price as Robin Wright got half of his assets.

In December 2014 he got engaged with the fabulous actress Charlize Theron, but according to latest news, they have sadly split.

In addition to his acting and directing activity, the actor is known for his political attitude as well. His criticism of George W. Bush administration and contact with the Presidents of Venezuela and Cuba were hot topics for the press, as well as his social activism and humanitarian work.

Sean Penn Net Worth Over Time

If you wonder how Sean Penn net worth increased over the years, we have some well-researched answers for you. If in 2011 his fortune was valued at $77 million, by 2014 it almost doubled. In 2012 he added almost $25 million to his wealth, followed by another $24 million in 2013. Currently Sean Penn net worth is estimated to $150 million.

As regards his earnings from the movies he starred, according to imdb.com, his salary for Shanghai Surprise (1986) was $1,000,000, while for Hurlyburly (1998) he received only $150,000. The Thin Red Line (1998)            earned him $300,000, while I Am Sam (2001) really made a difference with $5,000,000.

Among Sean Penn’s highest income as a result of his acting activity, it’s worth mentioning his $12,500,000 salary for his role in California Births. Another $9,375,000 entered his pocket for Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and $8,571,429 for Don’t Get Him Starter.

Featuring in diverse programs and projects also brought his over $4 million.

Where did Sean Penn’s Money Go?

Sean Penn spent a great amount on properties and assets valued at over $35 million. But the famous Hollywood actor is also known and praised for his philanthropic activities and charity campaigns.

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Sean Penn’s House in Malibu

Over the years he actively supported a great number of humanitarian causes, traveling the world to help rescuing people such as the victims of the Hurricane Katrina or the 2011 Haiti earthquake. He also supports charities such as Artists for Peace and Justice, and Kelly Slater Foundation.

Quick Facts

Full Name Sean Justin Penn
Date and Place of Birth August 17, 1960

Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Sean Penn Net Worth $150 million
Source of Wealth Acting

Film directing

Personal Projects

Known for I am Sam

Mystic River


Important Awards Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead

National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Actor

Silver Bear for Best Actor          

Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor

Academy Award for Best Actor

Golden Globe Award for Best Actor

Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor

Family Ex-wives: Madonna, Robin Wright

Children: Dylan Frances Penn and Hopper Jack Penn

Properties and Assets House in California (valued $10 million)

House in Malibu (valued $13 million)

House in San Francisco (valued $15 million)

Ford Mustang (valued $100,000)

I hope you enjoyed our article about Sean Penn net worth and career development. If you are curious how much other celebrities have earned over their activity, and what they are known for check out our Entertainment & Arts section. For any questions, suggestions, thoughts and ideas, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comment section below. Thanks!


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