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what do computer engineers doBy creating new directions for making computer hardware faster, smaller, and more effective, computer engineers are on the frontline of the rapid advances in the growing technology industry.

With a firm understanding on the body and mind of hardware, computer engineers are responsible for researching, designing, developing, and testing computer systems for solving various computer-related problems.

Daily Duties for Computer Engineers:

  • Building computer network systems for the efficient transfer of data
  • Creating blueprints on how new computer hardware or equipment should be built
  • Conducting tests to assess the completed computer models they have designed
  • Analyzing test results to make modifications to design plans when necessary
  • Updating current computer equipment to be more compatible with new software
  • Supervising the manufacturing process for computer hardware
  • Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of the latest technological trends

Computer Engineer Job Description
What do computer engineers do? In most cases, computer engineers can find employment within financial services, computer manufacturers, chemical companies, defense contractors, technical consulting, electronic manufacturing, and research services.

Computer engineers usually can be found fulfilling their duties in high-tech manufacturing firms or research laboratories that build various types of computer models. Computer engineers have the option of moving into hardware or software positions as well as an equal blend of the two.

Although the majority of computer engineers work full-time schedules, around one-third are required to work more than 40 hours per week with irregular hours outside the normal workday to meet tight design deadlines. In order to ensure that computer hardware components are properly working together with the latest software developments, it is often necessary for computer engineers to work with software developers during their workday.

Skills Needed to Be a Computer Engineer
Due to the complexity of working daily with computer hardware and software systems, it is normally required that computer engineers possess at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited computer engineering or computer science program. Computer engineers must have a thorough background in mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, computer programming, computer architecture, operating systems, robotics, and technology.

In order to be successful as a computer engineer, individuals must possess strong analytical skills to evaluate complex computer equipment to determine the best improvements, critical thinking skills for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of solutions to problems, and interpersonal communication skills for working on teams with other engineers. Furthermore, computer engineers should be detail-oriented and have the creativity needed to design new information technology devices.