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The world sure loves a good conspiracy theory! Lizard people taking over the world, a few chosen people killing the rest and thus taking over the world, aliens that walk among us wanting to take over the world. The goal is always the same, naturally: world domination!

The fear that the world would be out of control has plagued people since the dawn of time and that is why conspiracy theories have been so popular throughout history. In today’s article we’re going to answer a few burning questions that have been troubling people for hundreds of years: What is the Illuminati? Who are the Illuminati? What does the Illuminati conspiracy imply? Are there any celebrities who are part of the Illuminati? Read on to find out.

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Are the Illuminati Real?

Well, the first question that needs to be asked first is Have the Illuminati ever truly existed? The answer to that question is simple and I’m afraid it’s the only simple answer this article is

going to provide: Yes, the Illuminati were real.

The Illuminati historically refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, which was a society founded in 1776, during the Enlightenment era. The secret society had some very clear goals and they were: to oppose religious influence over public life, oppose superstition and obscurantism. This is what the original Illuminati had to say about their general goals: The order of the day is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.

The Illuminati were banned by Charles Theodore, Bavarian ruler, who had the complete support of the Roman Catholic Church. The society officially dissolved, but many believed they still continued to exist in secret and were even thought to have initiated many political and social changes, including the French Revolution.

After the official end of the Illuminati, various organizations claim to have links or have originated from the Bavarian Illuminati. There is no proof to show that that there truly is an Illuminati society that has stemmed from the original society, but conspiracy theorists claim that the new Illuminati are trying to once again to attempt to take over the world, planting agents in various establishments so that they can have political power and influence large enough to establish a New World Order.

The New World Order

New World Order is a conspiracy theory which refers to a totalitarian world government. The gist of the New World Order is that there is a secret organization out there, most likely the Illuminati, with a globalist agenda. They’re planning to rule the world and remove all other forms of government. Conspiracy theorists will tell you that almost all the historic events are leading up to the fulfilment of the New World Order’s prophecy. It is up to if you choose to believe that or not.

Several Illuminati members’ testimonies have surfaced and they claim that the Illuminati want to take over the world, but they want to change it for the better. Naturally, those testimonies are thought to be false. The all-seeing eye within a pyramid is thought to be the symbol of the Illuminati and it’s as old as time itself. It represents knowledge, awareness and wealth. While it is believed that the Illuminati are rich men and women, some are saying that their wealth is more of a spiritual nature.

What Celebrities are Thought to be Part of the Illuminati

Naturally, none of the celebrities we’re about to mention confirmed or infirmed that they are part of the Illuminati. Well, one of celebs most often associated with the Illuminati is rapper and music mogul, Jay-Z. He’s been seen making the pyramid sign with his hand, which is believed to be the symbol for the Illuminati. Beyoncé, who happens to be Jay-Z’s wife, is also thought to be part of the Illuminati and has been seem making symbols with her hand during her shows. Rihanna, Madonna and Ke$ha are believed to be a part of the famous Illuminati.

The bottom line is that there is no proof that the Illuminati still exist, but if they do, it’s quite something that they’ve managed to keep their organization a secret for so long.

Do you believe that the Illuminati have control of the whole world and are orchestrating our future? Did you know that there are some voices that say that the Illuminati killed the King of Pop, Michael Jackson?! Whether you choose to believe this or not, our advice is to seek the truth whatever you are doing and never believe anything without concrete proof. Life is too short to spend it chasing wild geese!

What is the Illuminati

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  1. Hi,
    I am one of the iluminati group members, I have intuitive power, I don’t know even one of the iluminati group members other than myself in the whole world we are the chosen ones and we are enlightened, that’s it.but we believe all the books and all the profits but we have no religion. I have revelations and I can see and hear whenever I want I know the real meaning of the symbol and the symbol is for me a triangle not a pyramid and a circle and of course the eye. What I see and hear is not in my control I think maybe later it will be but I can see and hear literally when ever I want just by closing my eyes and focus and wait and then I’ll see after I open my eyes I don’t remember all the details but they told me based on my intuition power I can also remember a whole page after 10 years and I will do that if God wants but still I can’t.
    They say in the kingdom of god:
    “Ignorance is rulling to the nation which the best human will come out for saving them. “
    And we are the chosen ones by god as his helpers.

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