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For many people yoga may seem an unnecessary physical activity. However, yoga has proven to be one of the best remedies for a number of physical afflictions. So join us in learning what are the benefits of yoga exercises for back pain.

Alongside healing back muscles that suffered from injuries, yoga can also fasten the recovery time after an injury as well as maintaining daily activities is normal parameters. Scoliosis, neck pains, sciatica, arthritis, abdominal pains, shoulder afflictions, hip issues are other physical conditions that yoga exercises help cure. Prenatal yoga is also recommended for women that desire to stay in shape during their pregnancy.  But how does it work? Yoga exercises strengthen muscles, especially those of the lower back, as well promoting better blood circulation throughout the body.

What are the Benefits of Yoga Exercises for Back Pain?

By increasing blood circulation, vital nutrients help damaged tissue to recover, while speeding the elimination of toxins. This is achieved due to its three main elements. Yoga exercises focus on posture, breathing and meditation. If a person confronts back conditions, it is advised to to consult a specialist beforehand. Therefore, the best exercise program can be selected.

The recovery time for people who suffer from back pain may range from weeks to months. It is indicated for people who practice yoga, or consider practicing yoga, to wear comfortable clothes. In addition, the person should not force himself or herself into difficult positions. All exercises should be pain free. The streches must be made on flat surfaces such as a mat.

As such, streching helps the muscles in the back of the thigh to help the motion of the pelvis. This allows to relax stressed lower back muscles. The overall quality of the workout is also given by yoga breathing exercises. The purpose is to have a deep, rhythmic breath through the nose. This is true in both situations, when your inhaling and exhaling.

Another interesting aspect of yoga is that it aids in developing a good state of mind. Many specialists state that to recover fast from back pains, a person’s mental state is a crucial aspect. Simply put a person’s psychological and emotional state may influence the problem. Here there are two groups that argue on the impact of the mind over the body.

The first group states that the psyche may not influence the healing process. Instead it may aggravate the pain felt from back problems. The other groups argues that negative emotions and high stress not only influences a person’s psychological state of being, but also gives birth to afflictions such as back pains. As such they recommend meditation to alleviate the perception of pain and altogheter speed the healing process.

What are the Benefits of Yoga Exercises for Back Pain?

It is generally accepted that yoga helps increase the oxygen flow to the brain. This in turn creates a balance between the body and the mind. Adequate breathing techniques alongside proper poses and meditation is known to dissipate stress and anxiety. As such, yoga exercises alleviate back pains caused by psychological and emotional factors.

Most often, patients suffering from back pains encounter this issue especially in the mornings. That is why yoga exercises seem most fit to be done in the morning. It will provide an increase in suppleness and mobility.

Proper Yoga Back Streches

What would an article on yoga benefits for back pains be, without any tips of proper yoga exercises. Here we will present a few of the basic forms, commonly used in treating back pains.

1. Back Flexion Exercise

This streching exercise must be practiced while lying on your back. Then pull both of your knees to the chest while flexing the head. This should be done until a comfortable stretch is felt in the balled-up pose. These yoga exercises for lower back pain can make wonders.

2. Knee to Chest Stretch

Same as before, the person must lay on its back. Then simply keep the knees bent and both heels laid on the floor. Afterwards place both hands behind one knee and pull it backwards to the chest.

3. Bharadvaja’s Twist Bharadvajasana I

This gentle strech involves an easy twisting movement. The stretch is only good for the spine but for abdominal organs as well. As a result it is also part of yoga exercises for weight loss.

4. Dhanurasana

Also known as the bow pose, this stretch involves bending your back into the shape of a, you guessed it, bow.

5. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

To accomplish this pose simply lay on your back and raise the pelvis upwards. The ‘bridge pose’ can be an energizing exercise, especially if done in the mornings. This pose is also done in yoga ball exercises.

6. Sphinx Pose

In this case the person may lay on his stomach, with his gaze ahead. A rudimentary backbend, it has the ability of being achieved either actively or passively. Yoga exercises for back pain should include this pose. It is also part of yoga facial exercises.

7. Halasana

The ‘plow pose’ is an excellent way to reduce backache and is said to even help the person sleep better. Yet due to the level of difficulty it is best accomplished by more experienced users. Make sure to have an expert aid you in achieving this pose. It is also one of the best yoga exercises for abs.

8. Supta Padangusthasana

Another pose for back aches and tight hamstrings, the ‘reclining hand to big toe’ pose can influences one’s overall flexibility in great detail.

9. Salabhasana

Another popular yoga exercise for back pains, the ‘locust’ pose is a great way of preparing beginners for more evolved backbends. As such it strengthens the back of the torso, as well as the arms and legs. The locust pose is also helpful if you are trying to lose weight.

10. Viparita Karani

The ‘legs up the wall’ pose is considered to be a great yoga exercises among many yogis. This is due to the general belief that this pose possesses the power to heal any physical condition, not only back pains.

What are the Benefits of Yoga Exercises for Back Pain?

To answer the question what is yoga exercise, we must look into the past. Yoga has been for almost 4.000 years a scientific methodology with its sole purpose of uniting the mind, body and spirit. After thousands of year of practice, yoga exercises are said to restore physical well-being as well as a healthy mental state.

Yoga is one of the six schools of hinduism. Based largely on meditation, yoga is seen not only as a means of achieving physical enhancement but also of reaching spiritual enlightenment. In the end yoga exercises grow more and more in popularity not only for their immediate physical results, but also due to its exceptional phylosophy of uniting the mind, body and spirit.

This brings to an end our article on what are the benefits of yoga exercises for back pain. We hope it was most useful in providing the answers and tips on how physical afflictions such as back pains can be treated with the aid of yoga.

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