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According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the median annual massage therapist salary in 2014 was $37,180, making for an hourly wage of $17.88.

The worst paid 10 percent earned less than $18,460 in 2014, with an hourly wage of $8.88. At the same time, the top 10 percent in the same profession made more than $71,950, with an hourly wage of $34.59.

With an annual job growth rate of 3.3% yearly and more than 5,000 new job openings, the massage therapist salary will vary according to geographic location, employer, certification, and experience.

The industry where the employee chooses to practice their job also heavily influences the hourly mean wage. The best paying industries for this profession offer an annual mean wage that starts at a little over $64,710.

Industry Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Individual and Family Services $31.11 $64,710
Other Schools and Instruction $29.84 $62,060
Other Ambulatory Health Care Services $26.16 $54,420
Offices of Physicians $25.31 $52,650
Specialty $25.19 $52,400

Massage therapist salary

Massage therapist salary by location

Among the most important criteria factored in for determining the massage therapist salary is the geographic location. Wages vary according to state, with the most profitable ones offering as much as $84,000 and the bottom 10 percent ones offering as little as $35,000.

The states that offer the highest levels of employment are:

State Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
California 11,940 $20.23 $42,070
Florida 7,010 $19.76 $41,110
Texas 5,290 $17.90 $37,230
Arizona 4,700 $20.34 $42,310
Washington 4,330 $23.87 $49,650


The states with the highest massage therapy salary are:

State Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage
Alaska $40.52 $84,270
New York $26.46 $55,030
Delaware $25.88 $53,840
Hawaii $24.77 $51,510
Massachusetts $24.65 $51,280


Specialized massagers earn according to the industry in which they work. The massage therapist salary is moderately impacted by their experience. However, the field of the profession plays a large part in their annual wages. Posh SPAs that boast a steady clientele who enjoy handsome incomes will rank high in the top paying fields.

Likewise, the massage therapist salary increases significantly for massagers who are available for mobile therapy. The hourly wages for employees who are willing to travel to the customers’ homes are significantly higher.

Profession Average annual salary
Certified Massage Therapist $33,000
Dual Licensed Therapist $20,000
General Massage Therapist $52,000
Licensed Massage Therapist $39,000
Massage Therapist $22,000
Massage Therapist Manager $38,000
Massage Therapist ON Call $16,000
Massage Therapy $47,000
Massage Therapy Coordinator $19,000
Mobile Massage Therapist $98,000
Skin Therapist $30,000


Factors that influence the massage therapist salary

  • Independent massage therapists might be able to earn more by providing at-home services. They might only have to work 36 hours per week, however, their schedule has to be flexible in order to accommodate the clients.
  • Sports therapists can gain a job either with a professional team or with a private clinic. The hourly wages start at $30.
  • Massage therapists can build up a portfolio comprising part time jobs and coaching sessions. The portfolio increases the chances of seizing a job and can directly influence the massage therapist salary on relocating.


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