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The annual average personal trainer salary may range from around $21,000 to about $33,000. However, this depends on what experience the trainer has and where he is employed. A more experienced average salary of a personal trainer may even exceed a yearly salary of $58,000.

Personal trainers are a little different from athletic trainers. Personal trainers claim that they work more as employees (49 percent of them) than as independent contractors (38 percent). Data from the IDEA Fitness Industry Compensation Trends Report conducted in 2010 claims there is an average of six personal trainers to every facility.

But the average personal trainer salary depends on several elements such as the company size, industry, level of education, years of experience and location. Personal trainers in the U.S. make around $18.13 per hour on average. The most significant aspects that affect this kind of compensation are the company in which they work, tenure and geography. Most personal trainers are men (58 percent of them) and most have reported high levels of satisfaction in their jobs.

personal trainer salary infographic

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Personal Trainer Job Description

The personal trainer’s job is to assist clients in achieving their health and fitness goals. It’s his (or hers) job to be patient, an excellent motivator and to make sure that the relationship between the client and him is a good one. It’s also his responsibility to motivate his client even if said client is the numbest person possible. At often times, the personal trainer will have to deal with an individual who wishes to give up and it’s his job to know how to keep his client exercising. The personal trainer must be well informed about his client and keep a report of the progress his client made and other factors such as medical history, measurements, weight and height. He must always adjust to the needs of the client so that the client reaches his health and fitness goals. Even though it’s very important for the personal trainer to rely on a strict schedule, mostly because time wasted is counterproductive, he may need to be flexible depending on the client’s wishes. A trainer should also recommend to the client which diet to follow after and before the exercise sessions.

Personal Trainer Tasks

The personal trainer must always make sure the equipment in the gym is used safely and effectively. He must give the client constant fitness assessments and evaluations and come up with personalized training schedules for all his clients. Probably the most important task of a personal trainer is to make sure he and his clients have a great relationship which will also help him keep his customers.

Average Personal Trainer Salary

The trainers who manage to advance to more upper-end positions such as Physician Assistant have greater salaries than those in lower-end positions. The average salary for a Physician Assistant is about $82K a year.

24 Hour Fitness Inc., Fitness Together, LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym are some of the most popular companies that employ a lot of personal trainers. Trainers who are self-employed bring in the largest paychecks, with an average of $80K per year. However, the pay scale in companies ranges drastically. This means that the low-end workers may only earn about $31K and upper-end ones may have salaries of up to $155K inside big name firms. 24 Hour Fitness Inc. pays its personal trainers with $31K a year, Gold’s Gym with $39K and Equinox with $45K. Planet Fitness seems to pay the least for its personal trainers at around $21K a year. Other companies at the lower end of the scale for this kind of job are LA Fitness that pays its trainers with around $28K a year and Anytime Fitness Inc. with $26K per year for its employees.

The people who are in their initial stages of their careers can expect to get paid around $33K a year. Having said that, individuals who have a five year to a 10 year experience can bring in on average around $46K a year, which is a significantly larger compensation. Personal trainers who have been working for 10 to 20 years bring in around $58K. For whatever reason, however, workers with experience of two decades or more claim they get smaller paychecks, the average compensation of these workers is about $53K.

NYC, New York delivers quite a significant pay rate for its employees, a pay rate that is higher than the national average by around 65 percent. Personal trainers can expect to get higher paychecks in cities such as San Diego, California (14 percent more), Denver, Colorado (19 percent more), San Francisco, California (24 percent more) and Minneapolis, Minnesota (33 percent more). Miami, Florida seems to have the least paying market with about 16 percent less than the national average. Other two cities in which personal trainers are paid below the national average are Austin, Texas with 4 percent less and Orlando, Florida with 10 percent.

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