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TV game shows are programs where individuals or groups of people participate in order to compete for prizes. Prizes can involve cash, trips, sponsored items or anything similar. The game show may have general knowledge quizzes, puzzles to solve or any competing activity.

TV game shows are important to businesses and companies as they provide perfect opportunities for advertisement. The services or goods are provided to the game show program by sponsors.

These products, when presented to the participants in the form of a prize, are viewed by thousands of people on TV. This instantly provides a large audience for the company or business to target.

What Is The Longest Running Television Game Show?

Since TV game shows are preferred so much by people of almost all ages, some game shows have lasted for many years. People do not just start adoring the show itself but most of the time, the game show
host is what makes people admire the entire program.

Since the invention of television, many TV game shows were loved so much by the audience that the show continued for several years. Let’s have a look at the 10 longest running TV game shows and a few details about them.

The Price Is Right

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This program is the longest aired TV game show in the history. Produced initially by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, the show was created by Bob Stewart. Participants of the show simply have to guess the cost of a product or a merchandise in order to win prizes. The contestant whose bid would be closest to  that of the product's prize would be the winner. The show was launched in 1956, ended in 1965 but was started again in 1972 and is still broadcasted. The Price is Right now has completed more than a total of
8,000 episodes in 42 seasons.



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This unique game show was created by Merv Griffin. What makes it unique is that unlike normal quizzes, this show provides the answer to a question in form of clues and the contestant have to frame the question. The questions are all related to general knowledge and so, the game show is very interesting.

Jeopardy was first broadcasted from 1964 to 1975, then from 1978 to 1979 and finally, the version of this show that was started in 1984 is still running at present. The show has completed about 7,000 episodes in a total of 31 seasons.

Wheel Of Fortune

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This is one of the most popular game shows in the United States. Similar to hangman, the contestants solve word puzzles and a large spinning wheel determines the winner's prize. The show has completed
more than 6,000 episodes in 32 seasons.


This interesting game show involved tweaking the participant’s memory. Pairs of cards with similar images would be removed to reveal the main puzzle. The show completed around 4,000 episodes in 15

Hollywood Squares​

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The show’s main idea was a 3x3 tic-tac-toe game. The show also spiced up things with the help of comedy writers. Celebrities and participants would read out lines and jokes from the script given to make the show even more exciting. The show completed about 3,500 episodes in a span of 14 years.

Let’s Make A Deal

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This show completed more than 3,000 episodes in just 13 seasons. The host would choose a participant from the audience and give them an item. The participant then would have an option to either keep the item or ‘trade’ it with another mystery item. What made this interesting was that the participant had no idea whether the mystery item is more valuable or not.

What’s My Line

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Produced by the same duo who produced The Price is Right, this game show became popular amongst Americans. A panel of four celebrities was to question a mystery guest in order to determine their ‘line' of work. The show even won an Emmy for the "Best Quiz or Audience Participation Show". The show completed over 2,000 episodes in 25 seasons.

I’ve Got A Secret

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Another production of the famous duo Mark Goodson and Bill Todman, this show was written by comedy writers Allan Sherman and Howard Merrill. Celebrity panelists attempt to guess a participant’s secret. This secret could be anything about the participant. The show was launched in 1952 and
completed more than 350 episodes in 15 seasons.

To Tell The Truth

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This game show was first broadcasted in 1956 and had completed 12 seasons. Due to high demand, a newer version completed over 25 seasons. Four celebrities would be provided with a participant’s description. Based on this, the celebs would question 3 people (the participant and two of his
imposters). The celebs would then have to guess who the real contestant is. The contestant wins if the celebs make a wrong final guess.

Truth Or Consequences

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At first, Truth or consequences was a radio show and was later converted into a television game show.

The show was created by Ralph Edwards and became popular thanks to its remarkable host, Bob Barker.

The show was quite amusing as contests who wouldn’t be able to answer the questions right were to perform hilarious and embarrassing stunts in front of the audience.

Television Game Shows – A Part Of America

Game shows have always been a part of the American culture. Before the invention of television, radio programs hosted game shows and they were fancied by the entire nation. In the year 1938, the first television game show called ‘Spelling Bee’ was broadcasted. Soon, more and more game shows began airing as they were viewed by millions of people across the globe.

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