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Last winter season, nail polishes were all about the darks. Black was the king and of the nail polish colors and burgundy, its queen. This season is the season to be jolly and glittery! All the big brands have released their Christmas colors and shades and it’s pure madness. If you have trouble picking a brand, we are here to answer your question about the best nail polish brands. Here are our thoughts on this.

Best Nail Polish Brands

There are hundreds of nail polish brands out there, but our favorite and the best nail polish brands are the following ones:

best nail polish samoan sand

  • Opi – this company has around 200 different shades with extremely funky names. I’m not really a waitress is their most famous shade of red and one of Jennifer Lopez’s favorites. Also, the best nude nail polish ever comes from Opi: Samoan Sand. It’s a perfect neutral, nude color that looks natural on both fair and dark skin. Their pink and white shades are wonderful!
  • Zoya – Zoya is right there with Opi. Their 2014 Winter Pixie Dust collection is absolutely magnificent and we can’t recommend it enough; try the Imogen shade if you want something completely unique. Zoya also make good clear and gold colors.
  • Essie – Essie does great classic nail colors. If you want a great solid color that is both fashionable and sturdy, Essie is top choice. They have over 300 colors to choose from, so we recommend you have a thing or two in mind when our shopping for Essie nail polish.
  • Tom Ford – Tom Ford nail polishes are some of the best there are, if not the best. You can almost forget that they cost a ton of money! The Tom Forde matte nail polishes will transform your nails and the best place to buy Tom Ford nail polishes is online.
  • Chanel – Chanel makes expensive but great nail polishes. Their forte is metallic shades, so if you want something special for this New Year’s Eve, we suggest short nails and two coats of a dark, metallic Chanel polish.

Best Drugstore Nail Polish Brands

The Tom Ford nail polish is way too expensive for the average Joe. It’s a nice splurge that makes sense once a year or so, but if you want to have all the trendy summer colors, you will need to turn to drugstore brands. Nothing but good news! Because these days, the drugstore nail polishes are pretty great and even comparable to the big names’ ones. Our top picks for drugstore nail polishes come from Rimmel London (the 60 Seconds edition rocks) and Revlon. From the colors to the brush, these two brands are perfect!

Nail Polish Remover

One of the best nail polish remover is the one for Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover. It’s nontoxic and it will remove every shred of nail polish from your nails. As you can see in the picture below, you simply insert your finger into the bottle, keep it there for only one second and when you take it out, there is no nail polish on your nail. It’s quite impressive and we suggest you give it a try!

best nail polish bourjois nail polish remover

Things to Consider When Buying a Nail Polish

We hope this article helps you to discover the best nail polish for your needs, preferences, and budget. However, if you’re struggling to find the best product for you, here’s an easy-to-follow guide that will help.

Color Options

The main reason most people buy nail polish is to decorate their nails, and this involves exciting colors. Before investing in a brand, research the color variations to explore your creativity. Bright and bold colors will attract more attention than neutral shades. On the other hand, perhaps you’re looking for a brand that’s suitable for everyday wear in the office.

It’s relatively common to paint your nails different colors in one session for a unique look that you can easily customize. As color is important in nail polishes, brands understand this and can try to fool customers into thinking the nail polish will be the same shade as it presents itself in the pot. For this reason, we suggest looking at online reviews for feedback on the amount of pigmentation.


If you love all things nails, you’re probably used to nail polishes with strong odors. Fortunately, the industry is developing, and you don’t have to force yourself to remain in a room with pungent smells. Search for nail polishes with sweeter scents – or preferably none at all – so you and everyone else in the room remains comfortable.

Time to Dry

If you live a hectic lifestyle, it can be challenging finding time to paint your nails, let alone having spare time for your nail polish to completely dry. Thankfully, many high-end nail polishes can dry in less than a minute. However, this minimal time means your polish is more likely to chip and crack quicker.


Finally, what finish are you looking for? Nail polishes can come in an array of coats, including matte, shiny, and glitter. This depends on your outfit choice, occasion, and style preferences. Also, look into whether the brand offers a combination of both in the same shades.

The Perfect Manicure

If you want to try giving yourself a manicure, we suggest you first watch a couple of YouTube videos about how to approach it and then put together a basic home manicure kit. This should include the following tools and nail polishes: a cuticle cream, a cuticle removal tool (either an orange stick or small scissors, but if you’re just starting out we recommend you simply peel back your cuticles, instead of cutting them), a nail file, a base coat, a top coat and three or four nail polishes. You need one black, one red, a nude and a crazy color, such as a neon green. With these four, you can give yourself manicures for every occasion.

One of the best top coat nail polish is the Finishing Touch 3D Plumping Top Coat from Rimmel London. It is cheap as dust and incredibly good. The 3D system will make your nails look plump and thick and it will act as a no chip protective coat. It also does a good job of strengthening your nail, so that it doesn’t break as easy. If you can spare a few more bucks, then we recommend the Opi top coat, it’s also pretty amazing.

If you’re interested in more advanced nail polish techniques, such as water color nail art or gel nails, we suggest you don’t try them at home, unless you are prepared with nerves of steel and plenty of nail polish remover. There are certain things that should be left to the professionals!

What is your favorite nail polish brand?

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