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    What is Madonna net worth as of 2018? A lot more than you would think! So much so that it could provide a steady monthly income for countless people. The fact is, so much worth for a single person is literally mind-blowing. And I’m not using that cliché word for nothing, mindboggling is the least we could say about the humongous sum of money Madonna makes every year. To be noted, even Forbes, the world’s presumed authority on money, says that the following number is only an estimate.

    Madonna Net Worth

    What is Madonna’s net worth? $80 million? $100 million? $200 million? How about $520 million! She’s number one on the wealthiest women musicians list published by the magazine and even number 28 on the whole list of the richest women that have constructed their image themselves. How did the Madonna net worth come to be?

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    How Did Madonna Net Worth Get So High?

    Madonna’s rise to stardom is a very well-documented subject. The Queen of Pop was once a little girl in Bay City, Michigan. At about the age of 19, Madonna Louise Ciccone moved to New York City where she wanted to enter the world of dancing. However, the world had other plans for her.

    Her first album, Madonna, came in 1982. It was a raunchy mix of pop which immediately became a classic of pop history. Although Grammies seemed to elude her, she didn’t appear to care. Topping charts all over the world, Madonna became instantly recognizable through such hits as “Like a Virgin”, “Like a Prayer”, “Material Girl”, and many, many others.

    Wildly controversial with the more conservative critics, Madonna pushed boundaries of music production and breaking through the lyrical status quo of the time to bring about simpler yet somewhat more profound lyrics. Naturally, the Madonna net worth back then was also through the roof.

    She eventually got a long overdue Grammy award for her Ray of Light album in 1998. She would only win one other Grammy for Confessions on a Dance floor in 2005.

    However, the story of the Madonna net worth and its growth doesn’t stop here. As a true worldwide star, she entered the movie business and appeared in several great movies, including Evita in 1996. The latter brought her a boost in worldwide fame and a Golden Globe, ironically before her first ever Grammy. He also went in as a businesswoman, starting the Maverick Company, now a worldwide entertainment corporation.

    Will the Net Worth of Madonna Grow?

    The Madonna net worth continues to wow people everywhere. However, with 300 million records under her belt, it’s more than feasible that she got so high on the list. And when you add all the other amazing things this incredible artist has done, it really puts things into perspective. As for us, we only predict the Madonna net worth will continue to grow, and we wish her all the best!

    Image source: wikimedia.org.

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