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Revisiting the Hotel vs. Motel options holds a very important topic for traveling singles, couples, and family. We understand that there exist some confusions between the two.

When you need to stay away from home overnight, or a few nights, the service industry offers options to choose from when determining where to book a room.

When making your pick, make sure to understand the tenets of Hotel vs. Motel. Read on to learn the crucial differences so that your trip remains as comfortable as possible as a motivated employee!


Outdoor View of Lamington Company that serves both Hotel and Motel services to better understand Your Options on Hotel vs. Motel

Image: CC by 2.0, Jan Smith, via Flickr


Your Options: Hotel vs. Motel

For most people, hearing things about a hotel vs. motel does not mean a lot. They just know that hotels as fancy and motels go with the smaller ones.

Primarily, hotels hold the place where swimming pools, heavy curtain rooms, and continental breakfasts. While people consider motels as trashy places where people stop for its affordability.

What Makes a Hotel a ‘Hotel’?

Outdoor View of Five star hotel and yacht marina built on a coal dock yard at London Borough to better understand Your Options on Hotel vs. Motel

Image: CC by 2.0, George Rex, via Flickr

While previously said differences remain factual, we bring you more professional variance for the discussion of hotel vs. motel. I guess everyone listening to the Hotel California song by the Eagles gives you a glimpse of this ‘lovely place’.

The Food Service

Hotels provide lodging, various guest services, and meals. Most hotels have room service, while some smaller ones have fewer amenities.

Commonly, they offer a free breakfast in the morning that includes things like coffee and bagels. But, not a menu to choose specific meals from.

With so many delivery restaurants around now, some hotels keep menus from local eateries and fast foods in the rooms. Especially, this happens when the hotel doesn’t have a restaurant or kitchen within.

This practice remains common in hotels.

The Rooms

Business Dictionary points out that certain specifications for a place to be called a hotel.

  • It needs to have at least six rooms available for guests
  • Three of those rooms need to have private bathrooms

While staying at your hotel room, try to tune in with five TV shows you have to watch this summer. For those who works as a real estate agent, basic knowledge of these comes handy.

Rating System

From one country to another for a hotel vs. motel, there exists a difference in the hotel rating system. The 1 to 5-star rating system used for hotels has no specific method.

Also, the classification does not require any law. That means that what a 5-star hotel offers in one country differ elsewhere.

The Hotel Rating System

The Great Hall of The Venetian Macao as a Five-Star Class Hotel to better understand Your Options on Hotel vs. Motel

Image: CC by A-SA 3.0, WiNG, via Wikipedia Commons

It helps to know the rating system generally used in the U.S. if you want to understand hotel vs. motel among themselves. A 5-star hotel remains very different from a 1-star hotel:

1-Star Rating

The lowest rating in hotels, the 1-star hotel doesn’t offer guests much. You can be sure the place will be clean and tidy, but don’t expect a pool or room service.

These have extremely limited amenities, and special things like unavailability of wi-fi. Prices for these rooms run around $80 a night.

2-Star Rating

2-star hotels are a small upgrade from the 1-star. This upgrade includes a few extra amenities. Some 2-star hotels even have pools.

Although it will probably be outdoors and not as fancy as a 5-star hotel. Rates for 2-star hotels remain just over $100 a night.

3-Star Rating

Notably, expect a 3-star hotel to have even better amenities. Moreover, this includes a 24-hour service which usually misses 1 and 2-star places.

3-star hotels appear more decorative within the rooms. There may even be a 1-star restaurant on the premises. Your room here remains under $200 per night.

4-Star Rating

If you’re looking for luxury when it comes to your overnight stay or weekend away, start with 4-star one. Here, someone parks your car and bring your luggage in for you.

Also, bet on a pool becomes available, probably even indoors. You pay to get great amenities. And, because of that,  expect to pay close to $300 a night to stay here.

5-Star Rating

5-star hotels have it all such as a gym to exercise in. You get to enjoy pools, spas, and a sauna. The 4 and 5-star hotels offer you fine dining. Furthermore, expect room service availability as well.

The 5-star hotels also have childcare available for busy professionals and people enjoying a vacation. The priciest option, rooms remain usually still under $500 a night.

What Makes a Motel a ‘Motel’?

Living Room inside a room at the Clown Motel at Tonopah with Dim Lights to better understand Your Options on Hotel vs. Motel

Image: CC by A-SA 2.0, Will Keightley, via Wikipedia Commons

As we promised, we bring you more professional variance for the discussion of hotel vs. motel. Accordingly, motels get their name from the style of rooming they offer.

They don’t offer a ton of parking, no large lots like a hotel. This motor hotel is a quick roadside stop when you need a place to crash for the night.

The Services You Think Of

There exist no room services; the office usually has set hours. However, rates average around the same as a 1-star hotel, maybe a little cheaper.

Ultimately, you have to know one of the biggest differences between a 1-star for hotel vs. motel.  The fact remains that the motel often has fewer rooms.

These days, if you think of motel vs. hotel, private bathrooms in each room always come with the rate. Some sort of heating and air conditioning, and daily room cleaning.

Making Your Mind: Hotel vs. Motel

Hotel room at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada to better understand Your Options on Hotel vs. Motel

Image: CC by 2.0, William Warby, via Flickr

Now that you know the distinctions for hotel vs. motel, it may be easier to decide where to stay. If you’re on the road and need a break, a motel is a great option.

If you’re on your honeymoon, you may want a nice hotel. Nonetheless, you might even want to consider staying at a bed and breakfast.



Featured Image: CC by 2.0, Jan Smith, via Flickr

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