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We love our pets. It’s a fact. We love them so much that we like to involve them in almost everything we do, and that includes our technology. Although not all the tech in our lives is particularly pet friendly, app designers and web developers are realizing that to us, pets are people, and as such they need to be part of the new wave of exciting innovations and developments online.

So just what kind of things can our pets (with a little help) do on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop?

puppies and a kitten

Take Selfies

Yes, with the advent of some pretty spectacular foresight and clever thinking, there is now an app that allows you to take the perfect picture of you and your pet – a pet selfie. You can also use it to take a photo of your pet on their own if you prefer to stay out of the spotlight. The app is called Pet Camera, and it works by letting out a series of animal noises when you’re ready to snap the shot. That guarantees your animal’s attention, so they will be looking at the camera when the photo is taken. Neat!

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is big business, and when we do need a little alone time – or when we’re forced to go out and leave our lets alone – then having someone reliable come and watch them for us is a relief. It may not be the same as staying home and snuggling up, but it’s the next best thing. DogVacay is an example of an app that makes choosing a pet sitting much easier than it usually is. Using this app you are able to be connected to over 30,000 verified pet sitters, and you can whittle them down in terms of location, cost, and even their likes and dislikes.

golden retriever photoThe Slots

Sometimes you and your pet just need some downtime, and everyone has a different way of relaxing. Something that is becoming more and more popular is online gaming, and in particular slot machines. And of course, there are plenty of animal themed slots to keep you occupied including Pretty Kitty, Bar Bar Black Sheep, Hound Hotel and more; and all of these can be found at the excellent Red Flush Casino. You don’t even have to spend any money to play most of these games, so you can play free slot machines without making a real money deposit. It’s the perfect way to unwind.

Pet Collecting

Now you might have quite the collection of pets at home already, but there is an app that allows you to get even more without anyone ever having to know about it. It’s called Neko Atsume, and it’s all about enticing cats into your virtual home. Once they’re there, you can play with them to your heart’s content! It’s a fun game that is completely absorbing.

cat in wool scarf

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