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The famous Victoria Beckham’s net worth has been a growingly popular topic ever since her debut, in the early days of the Spice Girls. Although some sources claim her net worth to be $300 million, there are others out there that swear the Victoria Beckham net worth is well over $450 million. One thing is sure: she is worth a lot and is doing increasingly well from the financial perspective.

Actually, the star has proved time and time again that if she set her mind to doing something, not much can stop her. She has been a well-known singer within the famous Spice Girls group and a model. Nowadays, she is a worldwide-known designer and a successful businesswoman.

Victoria Beckham’s Life and her Achievements

Little Victoria was born into a wealthy home. Her childhood has generally good, although a bit shaded by the fact that she was often bullied at school. One day, she decided she would become famous after seeing the movie “Fame”, which deeply touched and inspired her. Her education from a famous theatre and arts college allowed her to deepen the knowledge about performing and helped her start the band “Persuasion”. A little bit later, at 20 years old, she became truly famous as part of the Spice Girls.

spice girls victoria beckham net worth

After releasing 3 albums and enjoying the fame and admiration of millions of fans, Victoria (also known as Posh Spice inside the music group) realized what she wants and needs is a solo career. She felt her music should have an urban influence and worked tirelessly for a new R&B and hip-hop inspired album. Unfortunately, her solo career was considered a failure after the first single was released. A series of unfortunate events led to her quitting the m
usic industry and focusing on her fashion career. The Spice Girls reunited in 2007, releasing a “Greatest Hits” album which put about $20 million in her bank account.

Since then, she published two best-selling books and started her famous fashion line which mainly focused on dresses. Later on, the production of handbags, sunglasses and perfumes boosted Victoria Beckham net worth even more.

David and Victoria Beckham Net Worth

As of early March 2016, we can’t really talk about the famous couple’s net worth since they are, unfortunately, undergoing divorce. Even though splitting and getting back together multiple times per year was not uncommon, the couple and close friends consider this separation to be final.

Nevertheless, sources state that the Beckham family have over $700 million to split between them. With David’s almost $250 million soccer revenue and Victoria’s almost $100 million only from her fashion career, there’s no surprise in finding out their children started earning their own money at a relatively young age. It’s not yet clear what Romeo and Brooklyn Beckham’s net worth is, but a modeling career and an advertising campaign front for Burberry definitely bring in some nice cash.

The Beckham name by itself is worth over $100 million, so a rough estimation of all their other assets will push the couple’s net worth well more than $700 million.

What Shaped the Victoria Beckham Net Worth?

Well, we’ve already mentioned her music career which, of course, still brings in some money. However, her main source of income is her fashion empire, which seems to grow stronger every day. After it has been rumored that David resigned from his director position at Victoria’s fashion label, it looks like all the revenue will spill into her accounts only. She is, without question, a dedicated business woman who was meant for her career.

The accomplished Victoria also involved herself in television, recording multiple documentaries. These focused on her interviewing multiple celebrities, talking about her solo album or recording different events from Victoria and David Beckham’s life.

Even though “Being Victoria Beckham” – the documentary meant to boost her music career – was very well-received by its audiences, the album did not stand a chance. It was clear: she needed a change of perspective.

Victoria Beckham net worth


We weren’t surprised to find out that Victoria Beckham is a multi-talented and extremely capable woman, and this goes further than her voice or her financial sense and intuition. 15 years ago, after the unfortunate end to her solo music career, her first book came out. The autobiography “Learning to fly” climbed the best-seller book chart and claimed the first spot one month after its release. It talks about her childhood, her life as a Spice girl and marriage with the famous football player.

Finally, it settled for the third spot for non-fiction novels, selling over 50 thousand copies. The star made sure to promote her book in the most effective ways, but what added the most to Victoria Beckham net worth was selling the preview and serialization rights to a group of magazines and newspapers. This rewarded the star with almost $150 million.

In 2006 she released her second book, intended to give detailed fashion tips and tricks. “Hair, Heels and Everything in Between” was bought over 400 thousand times in the UK alone when it first got out, but it still holds countless quality and popularity awards in 2018.


The fashion world always seemed to allure the young Victoria. Her debut on the catwalk was during the 2000 Fashion Week in London but involved herself in multiple fashion projects. Her first line of clothing developed under the guidance of Rock & Republic in 2004 and mainly focused on high-end jeans, which sold in the US for about $300.

Launched in 2008, the Victoria Beckham fashion label managed to reach New York Fashion Week standards in 3 years. With annual sales well over $80 million and handbags that sold for as much as $25 thousand, she decided a lower-priced label was needed. She quickly became a respected and appreciated fashion designer when multiple critics confirmed that her husband’s fame has absolutely nothing to do with the fashion label’s success. It was all thanks to a high quality and a distinct, tasteful design.

We can effortlessly see how intelligent and proficient Victoria Beckham is. Even though her life has been critical and hard-hitting here and there, the star always found not only a way out, but a way to reinvent and uplift herself in surprising ways. No matter what the Victoria Beckham net worth is, we are sure she deserves every penny of it, and maybe more.

What do you think? Who is your favorite mastermind and what have they done to earn your respect?

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