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The United States has seen many different presidents come and go. Including Donald Trump now, the country has witnessed the rule of 44 presidents. The first ever President being George Washington whose presidential years were 1789-1797. He was also one of the founding fathers of America. Each of these presidents ruled the country in their own way and some of them left deeper marks in history with their unique presidential techniques. Calvin Coolidge is an example of one of such presidents.

John Calvin Coolidge

John Calvin Coolidge came to power in 1923 and was the 30th President of America. During his presidency, Calvin reduced the federal spending  immensely. This led to an overabundance of the budget, boosting his reputation amongst the citizens of United States. Coolidge wiped away much of the corruption that was caused due to the administration of the previous President, Warren G. Harding. Calvin believed in minimum involvement of the government in certain policies and sectors. This ideology is a part of a liberal government. However, some people believe that this liberalism in the business sector led to the great economic depression which shook America soon after Calvin’s presidency.

Living up to his name, Coolidge was known for his cool and calm personality. It is also a known fact that President Coolidge slept for no less than 10 hours a day. According to him, a small government was the right way of running a country smoothly. Citizens knew him as the man who spoke less and spent less.

Coolidge’s efforts at promoting business development did wonders. His ruling years were a part of what is called the ‘roaring twenties’. These years were wonderful for American citizens as entertainment was big during this time. Jazz music, parties, drinks and other leisure activities were prioritized as the economy was flourishing. This, and many of his presidential ways, restored the faith of the American nation in the government.

Silent Cal

During his duties as a Vice President during the 29 th President’s rule, Coolidge became the first ever Vice President to attend cabinet meetings. Although he is known for his remarkable speeches, Coolidge was not much of an extrovert in private parties. It was during his time as a Vice President when he attended parties and people realized how less he speaks.

This characteristic of his was emphasized further when he came to power as a President and refused to use the telephone whilst in office. His reserved style gave him the nickname of ‘Silent Cal’ which has been a part of his identity ever since. An incident that occurred between Coolidge and a columnist named Dorothy Parker highlights his silent personality quite well. When seated next to the Silent Cal at a dinner party, Dorothy told him she had made a bet with someone that she would get him to say more than two words that evening. Upon hearing this, Coolidge only said, “you lose.” If you are wondering what U.S. president refused to use the telephone while in office? The answer John Calvin Coolidge shouldn’t surprise you now!

Although he spoke only if he was asked a question, Calvin observed everything in his surroundings. This is why being the President of the United States was his ideal post. Speaking less and observing more gave him an insight into just about anything. His actions were then beneficial for the country, making him a beloved President of the United States.

It is believed that Calvin was this reserved due to the grief of his mother’s and sister’s death. Calvin was only 12 years old when his mother, whom he loved and looked up to, passed away. When Coolidge was just 18 years old, his sister passed away as well. Despite these misfortunes, Coolidge had a sense of humor which the public witnessed in his rather comical public speeches.

Soon after Coolidge became President, an infection killed his teenage son. It is believed that this sorrowful incident added made Coolidge even more reserved than he was.

Coolidge As A Politician

Coolidge had always been an impressive and ideal politician of the Republican Party. He started with the smallest level and made his way up to the White House. When elected as the Vice President of the United States, Coolidge won by a large number of votes. Later one night whilst he was on vacation with his family in Vermont, he received the news of President Harding’s death.

John Calvin Coolidge’s oath-taking ceremony was quite unique. As he had not installed electricity in their vacation home, the oath was taken in a room full of journalists where only an oil lamp was burning.

After the brief oath-taking ceremony in the middle of the night, Coolidge went straight back to bed.

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Almost a year after Coolidge left the White House, the American stock market crash and the Great Depression began. Coolidge later admitted that his economic decisions as a Presidents may have added to the cause of this economic depression.

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